Welcome back, again


So, here I am with computer and internet at home, ready to start blogging for real again. This start and stop and stall and spurt is crazy making, isn’t? Maybe not so much for you, but I like blogging almost as much as I love a good shoe Sale. And people, that’s a lot of love. A lot, hehehe.

Anyway, let’s find some neat stuff, shall we? We can start with this bit of date data.

A study of the changes in ballet postures over time. Are we getting more flexible, or just more willing to injure ourselves?

Want a new wallpaper? Check out this one from National Geographic.

Another optical illusion. You know I love these!

And finally, more writing tips.



You know, right, that I am using my mother’s computer these days to type my drivel? The good stuff, too, mind you, don’t get me wrong, but I realize it’s not all Pulitzer Prize winning material. Anyway, the glare is bad on her screen when the sun hits a certain point in the sky. She normally keeps them closed in the down position, but right about now, we flip them UP to get rid of the glare. Not a bad trick with Cheap Blinds, and we never have to touch the curtains.

A job


That’s today’s neat thing. A job. Of which I have one. And I like it. A lot in fact. Of course, I am fruity enough that I’ve always thought running a cash register was pretty glamorous. Now, I do that, along with other stuff which is even more fun than the register. I count pills and answer phones and sweep. And check people out. Cash, check, credit or gift card, it all means ka-ching.

Boom Markets Suck


You know, a hot real estate market is a great thing, if you are looking to sell. Not so much if you want to buy. I have a friend who is scouring the Wilmington NC real estate listings, trying to find a place to live, and everything is out of budget, even the 1000 square foot, three bedroom one bath dives. Nothing neat about that at all, but I’m allowed a pure rant now and then, right?


Ok, I try to keep my eyes forward, and look where I am going, most of the time. And I try not to get too excited about mundane things. But sometimes, I fail to do those things, and sometimes I fail to do them both at the same time. For instance, when I went to this site and saw their contemporary rugs. If it’s not showing the animal print rug when you get there, just let it scroll.

RAWR. I want it.

Chicks and Covers and Flowers, oh my

Spring is springing, finally. It was a balmy 54 here today, after not getting above freezing yesterday. My friend is ordering chicks. Soon people will be ripping off their patio furniture covers and planting flowers and vegetables.

You know the neatest spring thing, though? It’s the sound of the birds, silly. I don’t have a link for that. Go outside and listen for yourself.