Internet Security


Keeping your computer safe is important, especially if you are an internet addict like me. FilterGuide provides Internet security software reviews to help you select the best firewall and privacy programs, as well as parental controls. You can compare costs and features by selecting the category of software you are interested in. Then scan the table provided and click on the individual products to read more and/or purchase. The site is easy to navigate, and I saw all the major virus scanners listed, as well as several I wasn’t familiar with. If you are a parent, check out the parental control software first, because you can’t just un-see something, ykwim?

God’s Yellow Pages

God’s Yellow Pages has scripture arranged by topic. This is handy when you remember what a verse was about, but can’t remember where to find it, or when you want to look up what the Bible says about xyz. It’s also a handy reference you can use to help a friend (or yourself) who is struggling.


As a blog writer, you know I love readers. I want them to come here, but I don’t know to help them find me. This site is so varied in it’s content that it’s hard to develop a comprehensive search engine optimization plan for it, and yet, I know that most people find new blogs through search engines. I was reading today that over 80% of internet users search with google, and I know I personally use them daily. If I find a blog that interests me, I’ll most likely bookmark it or subscribe to the feed. Now that happens regularly on my other sites, but not so much here, and I have to think it’s because of a lack of cohesiveness on this blog.

I’m not planning to change the blog, because I like it, and so , apparently, do a few other people. So, here’s my question: how would YOU go about SEO for this site if it were yours?

Classic Lit

You can read classic books and poetry on-line for free at Online Books, Poems, Short Stories – Read Print. This is an excellent rainy afternoon site. There’s an author index to help you find just what you are looking for. Go get a beverage, and come back. Click first, and it will be waiting for you before you can get back to the computer.



Beautiful music, wonderful pictures, and a message of redemption. This is a must see flash movie. A wonderful reminder of what it means to be Forgiven



Last neat thing for the day, folks. Or at least the last neat thing before my nap–I’m almost asleep here in my chair. Theme park vacations are neat, especially for kids. I’m recommending a vacation home Orlando and multi-park passes for the biggest bang for your vacation bucks. You’ll save money with these kinds of passes, and renting a home instead of a hotel gives lots of amenities, and money saving options. You’ll save a bundle just being able to cook some of your own meals!


These are tons of fun, and if you enjoyed the other oragami sites I posted, you will like this one too! There are detailed instructions for all the pieces, so you can join the fun! Cecilia Cotton-Origami is probably not best suited for beginners, but it’s definitely worth a look-see anyway.


This neat thing is an investment opportunity. One thing that holds it’s value is gold, and unlike stocks, which can fall dramatically, and wipe out your savings, the precious metal tends to grow in value slowly and steadily. You don’t need a small fortune to get started investing, either. You can buy gold coins in various denominations, so you can spend what you can afford, and sell later and re-invest. Whether you are interested in collecting the coins as a hobby, or solely for their monetary value, it’s easy to get started. Remember, coins have a currency value. If there isn’t a marked currency value, then what you have is classified as an ingot.

Customized Stickers


Now here’s a site that will let you tell the world exactly what you think about this, that, or any other thing, all while going about your normal business. Customized Stickers specializes in cool bumper stickers. The minimum order for bumper stickers is 250, so you’ll have plenty to give to friends. The prices are reasonable and this would be a great way to advertise your church or other organization. They use a photo-quality 150-linescreen process, so your images will be clear and crisp. They offer free quotes, and custom artwork, too, so you can build just the sticker you want.

If bumper stickers aren’t your thing, visit anyway, because you can also order printed address labels, window stickers and labels with the same great quality and service.


If you like Illusions, then you need to visit this site. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and plan to be there for a bit. There are a few Escher’s, and some others and it’s guaranteed to boggle your mind, or at least your eyes. While not as comprehensive as some of the illusion sites I have posted, this one is fun nonetheless. Come back and let me know which is your favorite.


In this day when the internet has all but replaced the local paper, here’s an idea who’s time has definitely come. offers free classified ads for your local area (UK only). It also includes local weather and movie listings, as well as links to blogs and a dating service. Unfortunately for me, they only serve the UK at this time, and that’s just sad. I’m hopeful that they will expand to the US, and since the site is new and still growing, it’s possible! Right now, I have to go to 5 different sites to find all my local information, and I would really like a centralized site like this for my area.

One sentence

The premise behind One sentence seems impossible at first glance: entire stories, told in only one sentence. But I have been reading this site since October of 2006, and I’m telling you that it works, and it works in an incredibly powerful way. I never thought lives could be condensed so fully in such a small space, but you will find great joy and great pain here, as well as comments about the mundane. Just go read it and see if you don’t agree.

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