The Man in Black


I came back to today, and I am now listening to streaming audio! My favorite thing about this site has got to be the music. There are 20 songs, and these are full songs, not snippets. There’s lots more, including pics and video, and a few downloads, not of music, but of icons, wallpapers and such. To get to the music, click the link above. When you get there, Click the pic of Johnny. Another window will open, and there will be music. That window has a big pic of Johnny as well. Look above the picture and see a tab that says “menu”. Click on that, Johnny’s pic will go away, and you can then explore the site. Clicking audio will get you to the 20 songs.

Extreme Instability


I just spent a bit of time at Extreme Instability. The guy is a storm chaser, so there’s some question in my mind whether “extreme instability” refers to the weather or his mental condition, LOL. I’m going to assume it’s a bit of both. If you go to the yearly pages, you can then click to see huge photos, and they really are amazing. His FAQ covers his equipment and severe weather, including his chasing philosophy.

Now, I don’t think I’ll ever be a storm chaser, but, I find the pictures fascinating. That is to say, I’m glad there are people who do it, but it’s not going on my “one day” list of things to do :)

If his pics were not all copyrighted I’d be putting this one right here to whet your appetite.

Classic Short Stories


I spent some time today at Classic Short Stories. In fact, I read The Lottery, for reasons I still do not understand. I hate that story. I have hated it since I was forced to read in school, and I have hated it every time I have come across it, and my hatred grows every time I see it, and yet still I read it. That story is like a gory accident on the highway, you just can’t tear your eyes from it. I even had other stories popped up that I wanted to read, but didn’t. I really hate that story.

Tomorrow, I’ll go back, and read something relaxing and soothing like Poe, fer cripes sake!

The collection here is by no means extensive, but it’s enough to keep me entertained for awhile, and there are also short bios of the authors. One thing I like is the bibliography, so if I wanted to spend an afternoon with Dickens, for example I could do that.

My Jackson


I talked about this site on the second day of Six Neat Things. Today, I made and captured my own painting. Here’s my own Jackson Pollock, created at Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas.

I’ve Decided


Based on what you all have said, and my own feelings, I am cutting back. We’ll have 6 neat things per week, and I’ll do a better job of writing them up. This will also mean that I have time to play on the sites I am recommending to you.

I’ll probably start Monday, and I’ll begin by going back over some of the sites I’ve already recommended.

Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. I was going to email you all, but I can’t do that, the emails come from, and when I try to reply, I just get them back.

I’m off to change a few settings, now. See you Monday!

Sidewalk Chalk Guy


Must see! Fantastical pictures drawn with chalk on sidewalks, just like the name suggests. But the pics are incredible! 3-D does not even begin to describe this. These pictures look like you could walk into them. Or swim! Unfortunately, I can’t find more info onthe artist, so he reamins just the sidewalk chalk guy.

Pandora Internet Radio


Free if you can stand a few ads. $36 a year if you can’t. And they played Air Supply for me! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve listened to Air Supply. Too long, that’s what. Pandora Internet Radio is a treat no matter what type of music you like. I’ve found a few new artists here as well.

Your Age on Other Worlds


This is good for explaining to kids how time spans differ on other planets. Fill in your birthdate to find out how old you’d be on other planets. Requires java-script enabled browser. Your Age on Other Worlds is just the kind of thing to make time and space fun. And there, Pluto is still a planet.

Winners of the I Look Like My Dog Contest


I don’t know that I’d like my claim to fame to be looking like my dog, but these folks don’t seem to mind. I’ve heard (and seen) that folks who have married a long time begin to resemble one another. I wonder if that’s the case here. Winners of the I Look Like My Dog Contest don’t seem to mind if they go to the dogs.

National Geographic


Home of the magazine. Belongs in every category, so let’s put it in “just neat stuff”. National Geographic excels on the web just as it does in print. Pictures, articles, maps and more, just as you would expect. Enjoy! The interactives are particularly pleasing.

photos you like better


Click the photo you like better. When the brain turns pink, click it to see what it’s learned about you. It thought I was a man, but it was still fun. Photos you like better: you are what you like kept my kids aged 8 to 18 enthralled for quite some time. Not to mention me!

Bill Nye The Science Guy


Remember him? Cool Stuff from your favorite geek. Just try to get that song out of your head! Bill Nye The Science Guy was good on tv (you do remember him from PBS long ago, right?) and he’s good on he internet, too. Just as much fun as you remember.

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