“An Archive of 163 US Interventions”. This is a well laid out military history of the US from 1801 to 2004, well put together and only moderately biased. Laid out like a scroll, you read it side to side. timeline.swf can help pull together the conflicts our country has been engaged in. I am an avid history buff, and I learned a few things.

LiveWire Magnets


Magnet words for the refrigerator, only on-line. Each time you go to the site, it’s different, as the words are left like the last user positioned them. Fun! LiveWire Magnets will probably not allow you to creats a literary masterpiece, but it will give you something to do. Start fresh, or build on what the person before you did.

The Miniature Earth


If you reduced the population of the earth to 100 people, yet kept them representative of the entire current population……….and put it into pictures, you’d have this. Excellent to show world societies in numbers the human mind can actually grasp. The Miniature Earth is a short movie with a big impact. It will make you grateful, I think.

The Forbidden Library


Woohoo! Books that have hacked people off. Celebrate your freedom to read. An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.–Oscar Wilde

Tells a bit about the books that have been banned/challenged and why. Surprises include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Little House on the Prairie.The Forbidden Library: Banned and Challenged Books contains other surprises as well. It’s not just the books that are surprising, but the reasons as well.


This is the neatest thing I have found in my years of internet-ing. You install the toolbar, give it a click, and viola–a cool new site to check out. I get alot of the sites you see on this site from that toolbar.

Find them at StumbleUpon

Bob Marley


Here’s the web home of the Reggae King. This one also has music, but *don’t* turn your speakers down. The Official Bob Marley Web Site will keep you happy all day long. Don’t forget to poke around for the pictures!



Indy makes it easy for you to find great new independent music. Just download Indy and double-click: as it plays songs, you rate what you hear. Indy quickly learns what you like and gets really smart about sending you more music you’ll like. Let Indy Custom Radio help you find your place in the collective consciousness as you help other people find theirs.



Pick your channel, Push teh button , Play your show. Some picks give you clips (Animal Planet) some give you the channel (CNN). Yay me, I can now watch the news! There are many many channels listed here. The little menu on the left expands greatly :) ChannelChooser is an awesome treat for those without cable.

Hunkin’s Experiments


Stress-free Science experiments. Made this homeschooler happy. It’s difficult to find science stuff that you can do with what’s on hand, at least for me. This site has plenty to keep us busy for quite awhile. Hunkin’s Experiments has over 200 home experiments, and that’s a couple years worth at least.

New Species


This blog details “Species Discovered This Millennium, and other Natural Wonders”. The title, …free your imagination…, encourages the mind to consider the possiblities, doesn’t it? How awesome is our Creator that we still find new wonders?? The blog is not updated very frequently, but it is worth subscribing to. Great pictures!



Does anyone *not* know about this site? Here it is, just in case. PostSecret is my must read weekly thing. I always come away feeling both better and worse, both warm and fuzzy and also cold and alone. It’s a thinker, so get some coffee first.

Molecular Expressions


This site has you begin by viewing the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. You move on through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. Once you get to the tree, the pictures just get more and more fascinating as you go through leaf, cells, DNA and finally to electrons and protons.

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within is just astounding. The first run-through is quick, but I had to go back several times to enjoy it repeatedly.

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