Designs by Cartier


This neat thing is a name we frequently hear bandied about, and it’s come to symbolize affluence and prestige. For most folks, the name Cartier equals class. I took some time today to look at their watches, and read a little of the company’s history. Did you know that the first jeweled watch they made was designed in tribute to the Allied Tank commanders of WWI? Nifty stuff, that.

World History : Hyper History


Portal to 2000 files covering 3000 years of history. Another wonderful resource just laughing as it sucks me in. World History : HyperHistory is a marvelous resource for historophiles like me as well as those who just need a quick bit of info. Use the menu to toggle between People, Events, and Maps. Use the Options button to see bigger pictures (and I do not mean photographs by that).

Trivial Things


Another fairly quick history read today. Human World is a collection of tidbits about the famous, and infamous, focusing on politics, religion and military. Lots of fun facts here. Click on “contents” in the upper left corner to get to other pages. All are worh a read.

Quit Complaining


Life’s not so bad, really! Compare your hardships to everyday life in the 1500s and then smile. How things used to be is a quick and fun read, and will surely make you appreciate the modern amenities.

Eyewitness to History


I have referenced this site briefly before, but it deserves quite a bit more than the sentence I gave it. Eyewitness to History is broken down by eras, and within each era are links to first-hand accounts of major events. The execution of Mary Queen of Scots is covered in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as is the murder of Thomas Becket. As a history lover, this site is destined to become a valued resource in my teaching.

World Wonders


I’m spent some time on the World Wonders site today, investigating the goodies there. There are are nine categories of wonders here, and I clicked each and every one of them. Lots of pretty pictures, and some info on most of the wonders. You will find something to amaze you, I promise.



“An Archive of 163 US Interventions”. This is a well laid out military history of the US from 1801 to 2004, well put together and only moderately biased. Laid out like a scroll, you read it side to side. timeline.swf can help pull together the conflicts our country has been engaged in. I am an avid history buff, and I learned a few things.