Vitamins and other stuff


Feeling puny? I know the heat just saps me. Try some good vitamins. It won’t do anything for the heat, but you’ll at least feel like you are taking better care of yourself while you swelter.

Stuff you may or may not be interested to know about cats vs. dogs.

More college humor. This time, a dog rides a turtle. It’s kinda…..bizarre, actually.

Awww, they look so friendly….right before they eat you!

Ok, this is interesting, but you have to really listen carefully.

How inanity continues through the ages. Seriously.

Allergy Mattress Covers and other stuff

If you aren’t sleeping well, have you considered allergy mattress covers. I do ok as long as I don’t let the dog in my bed, which is pretty easy since I also don’t allow the dog in my house, LOL!

Awwww, little knitted bunnies. From a SQUARE!!

And here we have an interesting little cartoon comparing the views of Huxley and Orwell. It’s worth reading, and I think it’s also time to read Brave New World.

A very good idea. There should be one of these in every neighborhood!

Ummm, bookshelves. Lots and lots of bookshelves.

Hmmm, kiss me, my dear.

Elliptical and other stuff


So, how are those love handles this week? Gonna let them alone, or hop on the elliptical? My cousin reports that those things aren’t near as easy as they look!

Ooooh, yummy! Flags made out of food! I wonder how far you could take that idea?

And these look good, too. I’ve never had baked eggs before, but I think I’ll have to try them now. I think they’d make a fairly easy brunch for a bunch, just add a side of fresh fruit.

Yanno, this is impressive. I agree with the first commenter that it seems like a big waste of money, but dang! This is one sweet airplane.

Here are some quotes from Albert Einstein. He had a lot more to say than just e equals mc squared. And why is there not sub-notation key on a computer?

God is an artist. Period.

Diet Pill Reviews and Other Stuff


So, let’s follow up on the last fat post with some diet pill reviews, shall we?

Project Gutenberg. Thousands of free books. No, seriously. Even for your phone.

Big, fierce animals way up close and personal. Risky, but cool.

What reading really means. This is how I feel in a good book.

This is a site I need to spend some time on, yessiree! Cause I have crafty stuff to sell.

Absolutely amazing.

Ab Workout and other stuff

You know, I have lost a good bit of weight, but my belly just will not get flat. Maybe a better ab workout is in order.

Speaking of ab workouts, this cat has a great idea! Think it could work for me?

Awww, a little mushy stuff.

A little scenery for you. Think sand comes in just one color? Check these beaches out.

Into food porn? Get your condoments right here: Best Condiments in the World.

Dear Will, did you send this to the internets?

Door Chime and other stuff


In the market for a new sound to announce your guests? Try a musical door chime!

Want some help feeling blue? Check out the Melancholy Playlist.

100 free online courses, and this list is compiled for bibliophiles, like me!

Umm, this…… this defies description. You have to see it. Panoramic Double Arches.

Hahahahahahahahaha. That is all.

Consider yourself logical? Read up on 10 common faults in human thought processes.

Furnace Filters and other stuff

I know it’s probably not your favorite chore, but go ahead and change your furnace filters, so you can get back to important stuff. Like surfing the internet.

Oooh, here is a neat thing. This guy makes art on the beach with just a stick.

This one is good for a laugh. Or a hundred of them. Funniest one liners on the internet. My favorite so far: Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship.

More Art. The ability some people have to conceptualize and then create amazes me. Truly it does. I wish that I had the ability to share my vision like that! Or even to imagine some of this stuff!

Take a look at the daily biological clock. Some interesting information here.

Talk about living on the edge! Check these houses out. and other stuff


Looking for a loan? Try

Liberal education? You betcha.

Think some commercials are really out there? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby. 32 strange and unusual ads.

Oh. Beauty in everything. This particular page features dachshunds. But use the search box to find beauty in other things, like roses. Or coffee. Or check out the calendar. Sorry, I know I don’t usually go on and on and on about a sight, but this one fascinates me. Excuse me, I need to go play on it some more RIGHT NOW.

Job Search and other stuff

Need a better paying gig? One that uses your hidden talents and skills? Try this job search.

Cute little story (with lots of pics) about a wee chipmunk.

A horse, of sorts.

Wondering if last week’s chicken is still safe to eat? What about last night’s fish? Find out how long food keeps.

I really need a get-a-way. Please send money, cause I want to go to a spa. A far away spa. For about a year.

Check out Craftster. This particular entry shows a neat way to display slides.