Best Diet Pills and other stuff


Need a quick bit of info on the best diet pills? Click right there. As for me, I am glad to report that in the last 10 days, I have lost 4.8 pounds. Yay me, yay busy, yay stress.

Check out Surviving the World, a daily blog with lessons on science, literature, love and life. This lesson happens to be on Twitter.

Another crafty thing: drawers from match boxes. I think this would be cool using the larger boxes, too. I just love inventiveness.

Like to write poems? Song lyrics, which as we know are poems set to music? Try this rhymer when you get stuck.

OMW. I am bookmarking this next site. Love letters. Amazingly cool.

Here is a warm fuzzy for you: piano duo.

Rochester personal injury lawyer and other stuff

So, who you gonna call when you get in an accident? Ghostbusters? (Children of the 80s re-unite!) Try these Rochester personal injury lawyers instead. They’ll likely be more help that fictional movie characters.

Here is a neat craft you can make with old magazines.

A translation of some of the Arabian Nights.

Trying to find a good flick? Try myTheater.

Ready to take your volunteer work to a whole new level? Like world wide?

I know I have posted a photo collage of Micheal Jackson’s faces through the years before, but here is a video that shows the progression through the years. Pretty interesting, and I would have posted it even if he hadn’t dies this week. So there.

Pet Beds and other stuff?

Got pets? Do they sleep? Or maybe do you just WISH they would sleep? Check out these pet beds!

OOOH! Part of the series of news stories in photographs, this article on the eruption of Sarychev Peak Volcano is spectacular. There are great photos of other stuff, too. I just love a good picture, don’t you?

You now you tube as a place for laughs and music videos, right? Did you also know you can get free music lessons there?

Sand sculptures amaze me. They are truly art for art’s sake. Even with sand glue, they are by nature very temporary. To create one is to know that even as you build, it will be erased by nature, and only memories and photographs will remain. And yet, people form intricate and detailed sculptures like these.

Muhahahahahaha. Effective parenting.

Ain’t this the truth!

Ancestry DNA and other stuff


It’s a twofer night, folks. Hold on to your hats!

First, for those that are into genealogy in a big way, check out ancestry dna. Pretty interesting, huh?

You know, I wonder why this water looks so clean, considering how many brown alerts must occur in it every. daggone. day.

Ever made a house with cards? What about a skyscraper? Or a castle? Or maybe an entire city? Click it.

Check out this anthology of English Lit. Just the trick for your high school student!

And this thing I need to look at tonight.

Do you like those itty bitty hamburgers? Would you like to see a how-to? I thought you might!

Baby Announcements and other stuff

You know something I enjoy a lot? My Google feed reader. Just think of it as baby announcements for blog posts. I like it because I don’t have time to visit blog after blog, but I like to keep up with my friends. This way, I can read more and surf less. As if, hahaha.

Oooh, movie trailers. Lots of them!

Animal sculptures from old electronics. The human mind just amazes me. Such creativity!

And one from a book. Hope you like Octopus!

Too freaking funny not to share, Seriously.

Weight Loss Products and other stuff


Good evening internet, and how are you today? I’m doing well. Finding myself in need of a few weight loss products, but that is nothing new, LOL! Let’s see what we can find that’s fun to look at/read/play with.

OMW, if you need lessons in wiseass, click the word.

This commercial puts dairy in a whole new racy light.

Hey, take a few minutes to edumacate yerself about the War of Northern Aggression.

And to continue the broadening of your minds: quotes.

And tonight’s agenda at chez neat things: the chick flick. Eight of them, stacked like cordwood by the vcr.

Insurance quotes and other stuff


Lo! She lives. She writes. She has a wicked sense of humor and a barbed tongue, and if you plan to cross her, make sure to get insurance quotes first. You just may need ’em.

Are you adding flowers to your yard this summer? I am, and I wish I had seen this list of the most beautiful flowers before I spent all my money. So far, I have planted Easter Lilies, Stargazer Lilies, a gardenia and JFK rose. I have Sweet William seeds in peat pellets, and I want a few more things this season.

oooh! Magnetic words, internet style.

The very beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Beautiful food. You will never see fruit the same way again.

Finally, have a scientific tattoo. If you are going to be silly enough to mark yourself up forever, you might as well look smart doing it. And actually, I just thought of a tattoo I would be willing to get, and then it slipped my mind looking at all those. Sigh.

Mortgage Life Insurance and other stuff


Ever have one of those days when you think trying to sell mortgage life insurance would be safer than your normal routine? Well, tonight I was wiping up a puddle on the bathroom floor and ended up kicking the cabinet door on accident. The corner went in between two tendons on the front of my ankle and now, it is severly painful. It hurts to bend it, and I dread to see what it’s like tomorrow. Now, let’s share some fun stuff that doesn’t involve whining about my personal problems, ok?

Ohh, bootleg Tiny Toons. Watch at your own risk!

Ooh hairstyles!

And space pictures, too!

Some things some body learned.

Love me some George Strait.