Parallel Bible


This is a good study resource. With the Online Parallel Bible you just set up the version comparisons to your liking and read. There are nine to choose from in the reader, and more in the drop down menu on the right, though you have to go offsite to read them.



This site scours the internet for recipes and put them in one handy spot for you. FoodieView-The Recipe Search Engine has over 1 million recipes, and you can search by ingredients, cuisine, chefs, etc. This is an awesome tool for the budding chef and the experienced cook alike. And they have a recipe box to store your favorites or ones you’d like to try.

Global Gallery


There are some fabulous prints here at Global Gallery. As usual, owning costs, but looking is free. Still, the prices are reasonable–you can pick up a Rockwell print stating at $20. There are others prints for even less, and you could pick up a few to do a nice themed room in say, Mickey Mouse.

Stop, You’re Killing Me!


When I say Stop,You’re Killing Me, I’m not talking about humor. This site is, instead, a resource for mystery lovers. Over 2100 authors are listed, along with their books (over 23,000 of them!!). There’s also an alphabetical index of characters! They are fine with you printing pages out for your personal use, too.

Television Tunes


If you are a fan of tv, you will like this site. Television Theme Songs has over 500 theme songs in MP3format. You can browse alphabetically and find find your favorites! It’s like being
“back in the day.” I listened to Gilligan’s Island and Smurfs and was young again, however briefly.



This would be a neat site to bookmark, so you can refer to it as you are reading. So much literature referances mythology that I know you will find Mythography a handy resource. You will find Greek, Roman and Celtic myths and legends here. There are lexicons for words you may not know, and a forum to ask questions and share your views.

Irish Song Lyrics


These Irish Song Lyrics are presented by the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Featuring music from the British Isles and bands such as The Dubliners, The Corries, The Wolfe Tones, and The Clancy Brothers, the site is sure to please anyone who enjoys celtic music. Streaming audio means fun.

National Science Foundation


Today I am presenting the National Science Foundationwebsite. You’ll find lots to explore here. I could go on and on about it, but that would be time you spent here instead of over there. I will tell you that the movies about wild animals are not to be missed. When I was at the site this morning, the first picture on the top bar of pictures took me there.

Origami with Money


Check out this Gift Box made with money. This is part of a larger money origami site. The instructions seem easy to follow, so grab a few bills, and head on over to try it for yourself. Most of the items only need one bill, but you’ll need 5 for the spider.

Another Neat Bed


I found another way cool bed! This one is made by Powell Furniture, and the whole thing takes up only the space of a full size bed. This one won’t work for our room situation, but it might be the ticket for a single child in a small bedroom. With all the storage under the bed, there’s no wasted space!

Not so neat


I need to take a couple of days off, starting yesterday. I’ll be back on Monday, mmm-kay? See ya then!



Today’s neat thing is WalMart! After 25 years of hearing “WalMart is coming”, it is finally here. The store opened today, and I went tonight. We have a WalMart. In Bitty-burg, ya’ll!

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