I spent some time today at Classic Short Stories. In fact, I read The Lottery, for reasons I still do not understand. I hate that story. I have hated it since I was forced to read in school, and I have hated it every time I have come across it, and my hatred grows every time I see it, and yet still I read it. That story is like a gory accident on the highway, you just can’t tear your eyes from it. I even had other stories popped up that I wanted to read, but didn’t. I really hate that story.

Tomorrow, I’ll go back, and read something relaxing and soothing like Poe, fer cripes sake!

The collection here is by no means extensive, but it’s enough to keep me entertained for awhile, and there are also short bios of the authors. One thing I like is the bibliography, so if I wanted to spend an afternoon with Dickens, for example I could do that.