Lots of good stuff today. Ok, if by lots you expect six, then lots.

Check out Aveeno skin care products. I didn’t buy all the hype, but I’m using their cleanser now, and maybe, just maybe, there might be something about the soy.

See what older people look like on the inside. I was so tired last night when I found this photo, but I’d had an awesome day and inside I was dancing. It resonated.

Oh, snap. Am I ever glad I don’t work in an office with other people. People who found this list of tech pranks before I did.

Proof that cats don’t care, which has been my belief for 2 decades, at least.

Hahah, according to Dr. Phil’s Quiz, Josh was right, and I really am Mary Poppins. I scored a 50!

Want to learn Gaelic? Me, too!