Holiday Decorations and hot glue


Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week, isn’t it? But it’s true, and then it will be Christmas, so it’s time to pull out the decorations. This year, I do need to replace the goodies on one of my decorative wreaths, because the baubles on it are cracking and peeling. Since I made it myself, that should be fairly painless. And why hot glue? It looks better on the wreath than duct tape would, you silly goose!

Thanks to Amy


First things first, I’m tipping my hat to Amy for this little goodie. She found it and alerted us to its goodness, and saved me from having to discuss business performance management. Instead, we will talk about Picnik, a nifty little photo editor that you can use right in your browser. It’s fast and lightweight, and you can even use it for screenshots. It’s way slick, ya’ll.



Today’s neat thing is friends. Tonight, I will see 6 of mine for the very first time. Tonight, we’ll be eating together for the first time. I’m getting on the first plane in just a few minutes, and I hope my flight is as smooth as the Mustang suspension system. I like smooth! I can’t wait to meet the friends I love already.

Posting will be light to non-existent until next week.



Do you want to know what’s neat today? Sure you do, that’s why you are here. Bathrooms are neat. They are especially neat if they have working sinks, including taps and drains. Which my second bathroom doesn’t currently have. But which I am totally expecting to be fixed while I am gone. Because nine people using one set of double sinks?? Not neat at all.This waterfall tap is especially cool. Unfortunately, I am sure my taps will be plain.

Testing, one, two three


Today’s neat things are the pregnancy tests you can buy at Dollar General for just a dollar. You can use them to let yourself know whether or not you need new maternity clothes, which is a valuable thing to know in and of itself, but is especially pertinent when you are overcome with an incredible need for sleep. I am just old and tired, and my current wardrobe is sufficient. The tests are still neat.



And as if the last post were not enough electronic goodness, check out the Bose home theater. You can hook this up to your new television and get a real thrill. Just two speakers gives you the sound experience you’d normally get from five. I’m not all up on this type of thing, but I am assured that this si good stuff.

HDTV deals

Whoa, I found a goodie! If a new HDTV is on your Christmas shopping list like it is on me, you need to check out this site. SecondAct has some great deals on refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, and open box TVs. And if you haven’t made up your mind which TV you are looking for, sign up for the daily deal. They’ll mail you a new sweet offer every day.

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