Can you believe it? Of course, that’s par for the course here, long periods of silence punctuated by blizzards of neat links. Such is my life.

Ok, first up, a good deal on some hot games.

A picture of two tigers. The neat thing about this one is that the one looks cross eyed. Yeah. Told ya!

Hahaha. Hillary continues to smear Obama who is smearing Hillary. Yay, poli-ticks (many biting, blood sucking insects).

Bible geneology
. The site isn’t very intuitive as far as usability, but there is some good info here, if you can remember to keep clicking through.

A very comples essay on Starbucks, mermaids and Jesus. Nope, I don’t understand it, but it’s late and I am tired. This time, I’m just reporting what I found.

ooh, check out the Montreal Reggae Festival.