Drawings of Leonardo


Here is a collection of the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. The site also has links to other sites that focus on DaVinci. The thumbnails are linked to larger copies of the drawings, and they are exceptionally clear. A wonderful site to study history, science or art. I have to admit that I was surprised when I clicked on his “Views of a Fetus in the Womb” to see that the great Leonardo had the proportions wrong. Click it and see if you do not agree.

Livio di Marchi – Artist and Genius!


This is the site I played with this morning. This is just incredible stuff. You literally expect the clothes to move in the breeze. Did I say clothes? Yes, Livio di Marchi – Artist and Genius! carves clothes from wood. And also overstuffed chairs, and many other things.



For 36 weeks, a sketchbook traveled randomly between 4 artists. Each artist then had 5 days to create a spread in response to the one that preceded it. There was no other communication among the artists about the Book. By the end of the journey, the book had traveled over 60,000 miles. You can read or listen to the artist’s commentaries as you page through the book



This morning, the neat thing happens to be one of my own blogs. It’s a new project that I am finally ready to release for public consumption. Digi-Cass will chronicle my learning and adventures regarding digital photography. Drop by and learn with me, or teach me a few things.

Th Art of William Whitaker


I spent a bit of time this morning, looking at a few of William Whitaker’s demonstrations. I really like the practical way he talks about his work, not only the methodology, but the reasoning behind it. I am, at best, art-challenged, though I appreciate the talent of others. Perhaps I appreciate it more because of my own deficiencies :)

I think my favorite explanation is this one, where he talks not only about the painting, but also the tools he uses, including a picture of them as well as the pictures of the painting at various stages.

We’ll be back to this site again, just as I was ready to click out, I saw this.

My Picasso


I spent some time this morning at Mr. PicassoHead. Here’s my painting. I had fun with it, and it’s simple to use the interface. You can’t save the picture to your computer very easily, though. Instead, you have to email yourself a link, and then take a screenshot and trim it up. Fun anyway.

My Jackson


I talked about this site on the second day of Six Neat Things. Today, I made and captured my own painting. Here’s my own Jackson Pollock, created at Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas.

Sidewalk Chalk Guy


Must see! Fantastical pictures drawn with chalk on sidewalks, just like the name suggests. But the pics are incredible! 3-D does not even begin to describe this. These pictures look like you could walk into them. Or swim! Unfortunately, I can’t find more info onthe artist, so he reamins just the sidewalk chalk guy.

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