Today’s post will be about the weather. I woke up to a grey and rainy day, and it just seemed appropriate. I would try a poem, but I am not in the mood to be rhyming stuff up today, although I can be pretty good at that when I am feeling it. So, I hope regular sentences will do ya.

I dislike really hot weather. I am good up to about 87, and then I want it to stop. In the summer when it approaches 100, the air burns my lungs, and I spend all my time inside, with the air conditioner on. We all get cross and waspish and I hate it.

I like cold weather, but only in short bursts, and when I can be out by choice and go in when I am ready. For instance, working the craft fair when the high was in the low 40s was not my idea of fun. I know I could stay out longer in north face, but I can’t stand a coat, so I just pile on sweaters, a scarf, gloves and a hat. And whine.

I like rainy weather because it makes me sleepy and I love to sleep. It’s also great reading weather, and I love to read. If I could have one dry day a week to get my errands done in, I’d be content to let it rain for the other six days. Well, for a month or so.

I like it when it’s sunny, because that means it’s warm enough to go out without bundling up so much. See cold above, LOL!

I like it when it’s dry, because I can walk where I want to walk, and I can breath easily, and so can all my kids.

Humid weather makes me grumpy because I can’t breathe and my hair gets all funky. If you ever want to find out what “ill as a hornet” really means, just walk up to a woman with bad hair who can’t breathe properly. She’ll let you know right quick!