So, how do you like that fancy method of naming posts? Just name them after the first link, which is flash memory today. I know it’s still not very original, but it beats the “days of the week method”, right?

Check out the Weirdest Hotels. If you think the ice one at the top is cool, be sure to keep going to the prison one, LOL!

Youtube Karaoke. Seriously. Nerdiphy the soul is just about right! Funny! You can adjust the timing on these, too, if they are off.

Muhahahaha! Have you ever wanted world dominion? Here’s a site to help you generate your evil plan.

My favorite erudite concept for today: Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. And I totally added that site to my feed reader. I took it right back out, because it only offered truncated feeds. Seriously people, do you want to be read or do you just want visitors to your site?

Cute Christmas Craft. And really, really easy! Also a truncated feed. Grrrrrrrr