Good idea


I have a lot of kids. They have a lot of backpacks. I trip a lot. I wonder if I could solve the problem with a rolling coat rack. The bonus is that I could also use it for its intended purpose, right? Because all those kids also have coats, jackets, and sweaters in the multiple! I wonder what other uses I could find for it!


Today is a day when I wish there were three of me: one to clean, one to do homework, and one to just sit and soak up facebook and literature. So much I need to do and so much I want to do! I guess I need to get cracking on at least part of it. At least I don’t have to worry about cleaning off the stereo stand…..I don’t HAVE a stereo.

So tell me


What kind of music do you like? I’ve been cruising youtube lately, listening to new to me stuff. The singers look way more bizarre than the guys in the 80s hair bands, but other than that, I’m still seeing plenty of Gibson guitars and Taye Drums. So let fly the suggestions, and be random. I like almost anything except screaming!

I wish


I wish I had a smaller house, with way less stuff. All this “tiny house” stuff looks so simple and so awesome. I wish my checking account were not constantly in the red. In fact, i wish I had enough money that I needed to concern myself with annuity rates. I wish I had a solution to poverty, hunger and homelessness. Hmm, wonder if all those things could work together somehow.

Got Plaque?


Ok, that was too punny to pass up. But seriously, what have you been shopping for lately? Golf shoes? custom name plaques? umbrellas? tablets? That last one would be me. And I found one! Picked up a sweet little acer iconia100 the other day with my tax refund. I’m pleased. And now you know.
It made a nice break from the shoes, right?

Also, shoes


And with that silk and lace, I may need to look at some Insurance rates here, because dressing up requires that one not wear sneakers all the time. And dressing up tends to make people look at you. And I need coverage in case anybody gets a neck sprain and tries to sue. Sounds reasonable, right? I also need pantyhose. Anybody up for a Wal-Mart run?

Get dressed

So, I went shopping yesterday. At Goodwill. And it was fun. But then it led me to do some thinking. I have a lot of cute clothes that I never wear, because I am waiting for an occasion. This morning, I decided LIFE is an occasion, so I made a new choice. From now on, I am wearing fewer funny t shirts and way more silk and lace.



Seems like I am seeing a lot of bereavement lately. I don’t know if it’s because I am paying more attention, or if it’s actually the case that my friends are having it rough lately, but it almost feels like I need to be sending out sympathy gifts by the dozen. This one has lost a family member, that one has gone through a break up, the other one has a medical issue. Is it too early in the year to bury my head in the sand and jst sing la-la-la until 2013?



That’s like Christopher Robin says it, you know! How ya’ll been? I’ve been fine, thanks, just busy and taking a little blogging hiatus. Sometimes we need to do that, right? Like when you have a migraine, you figure out a migraine treatment to get rid of it. Well, blogging had become a bit of a headache, so I needed to take some time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize and re-organize. But I’ve done that, and now I am back. Don’t expect to hear from me daily or any of that, but hopefully I’ll be around a couple of times a week. Fair enough? Good!

Saturday Quickie


As you know, Christmas is on the way. I can say that because Christmas is always on the way, but whatever. Today, I found this website, where you can order personalized gifts. And they are having a bit of a sale. They call themselves Personal Creations, and they do birthdays, weddings, new baby and other giftie occasion. And these days, every occasion is a giftie one, isn’t it? Enjoy!



SO, how do you guys listen to your computer? Earbuds or portable speakers? I sometimes need to watch videos for class, and they get a little hard to hear with the kids playing in the same room.

Oh, this right here is enough to make a knitter drool!

Oh, this is a neat way to make a painting. Go ahead and click, you have 3 extra minutes!

Absolutely love this. I should frame it and put it over my desk.

And considering I ate up three minutes of your life with a video, I reckon that’s enough for today!

Something a little different


So, here’s a little bit of what I have been up to since last we met:

Camping, but I need to look into motorhome repair or at least a trailer to haul all the gear.

Fishing, for which I will soon also need to look for a trailer, or at least a roof rack for the minivan.

Playing with My Awesome Boyfriend, which I found here.

Pulling down A’s at UNCW.

Reading lots of books. No link because they came from the library and the internet and the nook and friends. I get books from everywhere.

That’s all, folks!

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