It’s cold here. Last week it was in the 70s. What’s up with that crazy mess? I guess though, provided you have a good coat, it’s never the wrong time to do some pool maintenance. A little draining, a little cleaning, a little installation of pentair pool light. Just so when it *does* get warm again, maybe next week, you are ready.

Laundry list


I have a laundry list of things to do. This blog needs some serious maintenance. I don’t think I have updated the sidebars since 2010. You want to help with that? Because it’s not just this one, it’s this one plus 4 more. Yeah. So I’m putting it out there and I will just sit here and wait for all those blank employment application to roll in. You know you wanna!

What’s on your Christmas list?


It is December you know! What are you thinking about for Christmas? I like to do themes. Last year I did Wii oriented stuff. This year it’s board games. One year I did music. I got the kids assorted musical instruments. No one got a guitar, but there were drums and maracas, and a triangle. I whole percussion section. I did not buy them music lessons, though. I just wanted them to play and learn to love making music. And it worked!



Man, I haven’t been here in so that chrome didn’t even fill in the address for me when I started typing it in. Oops. This semester has me crazy. Nineteen hours was most likely too many. I can’t remember the last time I read an actual book, or wrote anything for public consumption. I miss it. But this semester is winding down, and I plan to get back to my non-scholastic passions soon. And maybe some beer making equipment, because I need more hobbies to neglect while school is in!



So, I am an introvert. Which they say I have in common with between a third and half of the population. So why do most folks look at me as if I had to heads when I call myself quiet? Or when I sit and think my own thoughts. Why is silence so frightening to people? Do I need to get some personalized pins to warn the general populace that I’m different and that I am okay with it?


So, I have a variety of very eclectic interests. And one of the thing, I would like to do is learn to make wine and beer. Right here at home. I probably won’t get to it this year, as I already have a number of projects lined up, but wouldn’t home brewing from <—-that be a cool thing? Not that the beer I buy in the store is terribly expensive, but just knowing I did it for myself. That would be the bomb!


You know, people will ascribe to your their basest motivations. I argued yesterday with a person who said he wasn’t ashamed of being greedy and assumed that money was my motivating factor in life. I explained to him that if this was the case, I would not be going into mental health, but would be working at a cpa firm raleigh nc today. And then he told me to tell him the story of The Three Bears. Whatev!

Another Oddity

I live near the coast, but I don’t often go to the beach. I’m more inclined to woods and mountains that holden beach real estate at I like the sand, and I like the water. What I don’t so much like is the blazing sun. My motto is “the sun is death.” Melanoma is real, people. And there is nothing meat about it.


So, it has come to my attention that my habit of thinking about and attempting to organize, plan, and set goals for each year during my birthday month seems strange to some people. Whatever, I think using granite surface plate cleaner n your stove is weird, but I guess some people d it. It makes more sense to me that doin it in January, because MY year doesn’t start in January. It starts in JULY.

Tick, tick, tick


So, I am sitting here waiting. I took my last final for summer session yesterday, and I want to see my grade! It hasn’t posted yet. For all I know, the prof is out shopping for icon helmets. She’s maybe on vacation, or planning vacation, or engaged in some other summery fun. Which, you kow, I would also like to do. But instead I am sitting here refreshing the page, waiting on that grade. WTH?

Whatcha planning


Summer is here, folks. Whatcha got going on? Are you looking at manteo real estate, firing up the grill, catching fireflies? Or are you like me, with your head so far down the tip of your nose has been worn off by the grindstone? I’m changing my tactics, and so should you! I only have about 35 summers left. It’s time to start enjoying them!



You know, I can totally see how this might be a good idea…but I’d be scared to death to rent any of the knee walkers at You know why? Because I just know I’d manage to hurt myself worse by some sort of bizarre circumstance where the kneewalker sails across the room and I end up on my butt. Because that, boys and girls, is just the sort of thing that happens to me on a regular basis.

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