This neat thing is for those of you shopping for party goods, particularly baby shower themes. This store has got the cutest decorations! If you are planning a party, you must check them out. Start at my all time favorite, the Winnie the Pooh baby shower and just keep clicking. They also have birthday party supplies. And luau themes, and …ok, I’m stopping. But not before I post this picture, LOL!


Taking Paypal


This neat thing is something with which most of you will agree. When I shop online, this sign is sure to make me smile. It the paypal logo. See, I much prefer to use paypal than to pull out a credit card. If I’ve lost you, you can see what I am talking about a HandsOnTools. That sell everything from tool storage to flashlights, and I can pay for all of it with my mouse.

Skagen Watches

Simple, elegant, understated. All qualities I greatly admire in both persons and personal adornments, and which are exemplified by these Skagen watches. These would make delightful gifts for someone you love, or for yourself. After all, no one loves you like you do, right? Hehehe, I didn’t think so. After all, I am the only one who truly believes I am worth my weight in gold!

Digital Photo Frames


I’m so lame that all of you probably already have this thing that I amn getting ready to tell you about. It’s still neat in my book, though, and in case you missed the title up there, I’m talking about digital photo frames. A digital photo frame is the neatest way to showcase your pictures. Yep, I said pictureS. You load your shots onto a memory card, slip the card in to the frame, and viola: Panorama means a whole new thing! Many digital frames come with the card. All you have to do is load your photos on it and you are ready to enjoy a slideshow of your favorite places and faces.

The frames start around $100, that’s a pretty good deal considering you can see all your photos that way, right? Yep, buying one digital photo frame is like framing ALL your pictures. How can you beat that?

Gift Baskets


These are among the neatest of neat things, because they just keep on giving. Long after teh goodies are gone the “baskets” part of holiday gift baskets is still visible, still being used, still reminding people that you care. For the cost of one gift, you can be thought of warmly for years to come. Whether you are celebrating a holiday, or saying thank you, whether the recipient is a man, woman or child, a gift basket is just plain cool. And because you can order so many different ones, you can select one that’s perfect for whomever, whenever.

PS: I am a knitting, sewing, reading, coffee drinking chocolate lover. Just sayin’


Here’s a site that will be handy if you are having car problems. I know when we are having trouble, DH likes to try the local junkyards, and sometimes he’s successful, but often, he’s not. That’s where comes in. Say you know you need an Accord Radiator. You can get an original equipment quality part with a no hassle lifetime warranty. And you get lower prices, because there’s no middleman! You are ordering from the distributor instead of a retail store. Customers who are not expert mechanics will also appreciate the informative articles on radiators and cooling systems found on the site.

Steel Buildings


I always thought of steel buildings as being for storage only, so I was surprised and happy to see them marketed as house additions. I was excited right up until I tried to find out how much it would cost and realized I had to fill out a form with my full name etc. Not neat. Not neat at all.



Appliance shopping just got easier! When I last shopped for an appliance, I had to go to the websites of the stores we had in the area, and look at each one separately to see which ones they had, and if they met my requirements, and if I could afford them. If I needed an appliance today, I’d have it easier. Say you want to look at Frigidaire Dishwashers (this is what I was shopping for), and you want to pick it up locally. As you can see if you hit that link and enter your zipcode, a list of stores that have the appliance instock is displayed, along with the selling price. It will even pop up a little map for you, in case you don’t know where the store is located. They call that “actionable local search results for the ready-to-buy consumer”. Neat, huh?

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