Studio RTA Furniture


Isn’t this a neat desk set-up? It’s made by Studio RTA Furniture. I found a bunch of other neat furniture there as well, but I’ve been envying a corner desk set up for awhile, so that’s what I am showing you. The pieces are sleek and modern, so check them out and let me know what your favorite piece is.

Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee


I saw a site today that makes the neatest little gimmees. I’m talking about the stuff you get at trade shows or as gift from companies, like calendars, pens, magnets and such. These promotional products are great for getting your name in front of people and keeping it there. In my neighborhood, the Vo-Pak guy comes around in December every year with a wall calendar. See, they have a huge pipe-line out back, and they are required to come let us know about it. They aren’t required to give us a freebie, but since I get a calendar, I’m happy to open the door and talk to the man for a few minutes instead of being aggravated by “another disruption”.

How cool would it be for a blogger (like me) to give away mouse pads with my logo on them?? That would remind people to come read my sites everyday. Hehehe. See, there’s a motive behind everything!



2990051.jpg As a mom to many children, I think jewelry that shows mothers and children is beautiful. Here’s a piece I found on a page of Catholic medals. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of the spinning game, and how fun it feels to just hold hands and go around and around. Do you remember how that felt like flying?

Hot Water


I told you I had a couple more neat things rolling around in my head, and the next one is HOT WATER. I feel like I’ve moved in to one of the palatial homes in the the Cary NC real estate listings, even though I am still here in my own modest home in Bitty-burg. I finally got a hot shower after a week of cold water, and life is grand. So, you tell me: is hot water neat enough to qualify for this blog? If you don’t think so now, just disconnect your hot water tank for a week, and then come back and answer.


Today’s neat thing, (and I do realize I am behind in neat things, but if I told you what has been going on here at my house, you would certainly forgive me. I just know it,) is a truck. My cousin came over the weekend with his, and took away a couple of my yard markers. You know, the freezer that we took out, the dishwasher we replaced. Those things. Yep, buh-bye in the back of the pick-up-truck! With that stuff taken care of, I hope to get back to my normal posting schedule. I already have another couple of posts in my head for today :)

MVP Card


Today’s neat thing is the Food Lion MVP card. I used mine today to save over $163 on a bill that would have totaled $637. The thing is like a transfer tank. It just sits quietly in you wallet taking up a very small amount of space, but it will save your bacon when you use it. Bacon, groceries– haha, very punny.

Diet Comparison


This page offers a comparison for several different diet aids. I suppose if one is going to use such things, it would be neat to have a diet comparison. My suggestion is still to eat whatever you want in moderation and add some exercise to your daily agenda. I think that’s far healthier for long term results.

Maybe necessary is enough


Of course, I guess if it’s necessary, you need it, and then finding it is neat?? An my kids think they are pretty neat toys. And if you have an asthmatic child, then it’s a pretty neat thing to have around. I’m talking about stethoscopes, and when you need one, a toilet paper roll is a pretty poor substitute.



This is a public service announcement on motorcycle safety. Wear a helmet, because living is really neat, and you’d hate to cut that experience short. Wear clothing that will protect you from the bike muffler and from road rash in a crash, because scars are neat only in that “can be used to freak out small children” kind of way. Wear motorcycle sunglasses because being able to see is a really neat and really irreplaceable trick. Finally have fun, cause nothing’s neater than that!



How can you have a blog called SixNeatThings, and never mention every kids fantasy? I’m talking about Disneyworld, of course. Getting an Orlando vacation rental will allow you to take advantage of a multiple day pass to a variety of theme parks, and surely every member of the family will find at least one neat thing among all the offerings. Mouse ear hat is obligatory, formal attire definitely not. Go in the the off season, it’s much more fun!



This neat thing hits close to home. I may be prejudiced by proximity, but I think Raleigh is one of the neatest capital cities in the country. It and it’s immediate environs are home to 3 incredible universities (four if you include the red one), numerous fine museums, and a whole lot of nice people. You can get more information than I have time to post in this blog entry at Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate. I know it’s a real estate site, but they have some good information on the area.



Nothing to listen to this time, and no art to look at either. Just a reminder to make sure your house marker is legible from the street. Emergency personnel need to be able to read them in order to respond quickly in case of emergency. I know we like to think it will never happen to us, but each time the ambulance screams by, it should serve as a reminder that it could. Don’t make it harder for help to arrive in a timely manner.

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