I saw a site today that makes the neatest little gimmees. I’m talking about the stuff you get at trade shows or as gift from companies, like calendars, pens, magnets and such. These promotional products are great for getting your name in front of people and keeping it there. In my neighborhood, the Vo-Pak guy comes around in December every year with a wall calendar. See, they have a huge pipe-line out back, and they are required to come let us know about it. They aren’t required to give us a freebie, but since I get a calendar, I’m happy to open the door and talk to the man for a few minutes instead of being aggravated by “another disruption”.

How cool would it be for a blogger (like me) to give away mouse pads with my logo on them?? That would remind people to come read my sites everyday. Hehehe. See, there’s a motive behind everything!