Internet Security


Keeping your computer safe is important, especially if you are an internet addict like me. FilterGuide provides Internet security software reviews to help you select the best firewall and privacy programs, as well as parental controls. You can compare costs and features by selecting the category of software you are interested in. Then scan the table provided and click on the individual products to read more and/or purchase. The site is easy to navigate, and I saw all the major virus scanners listed, as well as several I wasn’t familiar with. If you are a parent, check out the parental control software first, because you can’t just un-see something, ykwim?

Customized Stickers


Now here’s a site that will let you tell the world exactly what you think about this, that, or any other thing, all while going about your normal business. Customized Stickers specializes in cool bumper stickers. The minimum order for bumper stickers is 250, so you’ll have plenty to give to friends. The prices are reasonable and this would be a great way to advertise your church or other organization. They use a photo-quality 150-linescreen process, so your images will be clear and crisp. They offer free quotes, and custom artwork, too, so you can build just the sticker you want.

If bumper stickers aren’t your thing, visit anyway, because you can also order printed address labels, window stickers and labels with the same great quality and service.


In this day when the internet has all but replaced the local paper, here’s an idea who’s time has definitely come. offers free classified ads for your local area (UK only). It also includes local weather and movie listings, as well as links to blogs and a dating service. Unfortunately for me, they only serve the UK at this time, and that’s just sad. I’m hopeful that they will expand to the US, and since the site is new and still growing, it’s possible! Right now, I have to go to 5 different sites to find all my local information, and I would really like a centralized site like this for my area.

Power Supply Repair


Today’s neat site is a little different than the typical sites I show you, but my mind is much on computers and related paraphernalia, so I am going to ask you to bear with me. The fine folks at ACS Industrial specialize in repairing the parts of computers we typically think of replacing when they break, such a circuit boards, touch screen monitors and even power supply repair. Anytime something can be repaired instead of replaced, that’s pretty neat. it’s better for the landfills, and generally better on your pocketbook as well.

Neat Gifts


I saw a really neat gift site this morning. They sell cheap wedding favors, but there is so much more here. If you think outside the box, you will see that there are many items here that are suitable for varied gift giving occasions. These votive holders would make an awesome housewarming gift. And these boat frames would be cool just about anywhere. I love little things like this that are inexpensive, but show that some thought went into the gift. If you are operating on a limited budget (and aren’t we all), this is a site that can help you out!


This neat thing is a bit different than the sites I usually describe, but I can’t think of anything much neater than getting help when you need it. Can you? If you need drug rehab, is a great resource for you. They provide referrals to rehab programs that are tailored to your unique needs. The call is free, and so is the service.

They also offer an online drug rehab assessment as well as a information on financing treatment. And if you just have some questions, you’ll find pages on several specific drugs. The links to those are in the lower right sidebar.



Effective immediately, comments on this blog are moderated. See this article on PR Theft for a full explanation.

Japanese IQ Test


This is the classic raft game with a couple of twists. I played this game several times, but I have yet to win. The Japanese IQ Test is more challenging than it looks. Let me know if you figure it out.

Hot Water


I told you I had a couple more neat things rolling around in my head, and the next one is HOT WATER. I feel like I’ve moved in to one of the palatial homes in the the Cary NC real estate listings, even though I am still here in my own modest home in Bitty-burg. I finally got a hot shower after a week of cold water, and life is grand. So, you tell me: is hot water neat enough to qualify for this blog? If you don’t think so now, just disconnect your hot water tank for a week, and then come back and answer.

Do Follow


Today’s neat thing is the do follow plug-in for WordPress. WordPress automatically adds rel=nofollow to links people leave in the comments, including their name. In theory, that’s supposed to reduce spam, but it doesn’t. You might have noticed that I’ve been linking folks who comment over in the sidebar. Well, now I don’t have to do that anymore. If you comment here, or on any of my other blogs, you get a link. That simple. And it’s automatic. Less maintenance, more writing!

Now, just so you know, and those who comment here already know this, so they need not read any further: I patrol my comments vigorously. I respond to them, too. Don’t be thinking you can drop some spam here. Un-unh.



This is a collection of satellite images. Check out Niagara, then play in the GeoEye Gallery. There are so many neat images here that I hardly know what else to highlight. It’s all good! You can see I’ve labeled it “just neat stuff”, and that’s because I could find stuff here to fit every category I have!

Another Neat Bed


I found another way cool bed! This one is made by Powell Furniture, and the whole thing takes up only the space of a full size bed. This one won’t work for our room situation, but it might be the ticket for a single child in a small bedroom. With all the storage under the bed, there’s no wasted space!

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