Gas Fireplaces


Today’s neat thing is ventless gas fireplaces and mantels. I like these fireplaces because you get all the cheeriness of a fire, but no sooty mess and no chopping wood. At Agee, they even do custom work. so you can get a custom mantel or fireplace cabinet to fit any fireplace and any d├ęcor. Check them out!

Noise Reducing Headphones


Here’s a product I could learn to love:

With Noise Cancelling Headphones, you can finally get your work done without being distracted by phones ringing, people talking, or the constant clicking of computer keyboards. What’s great about these Noise Reduction Headphones is that you can plug them into your favorite music and listen to something you actually enjoy, instead of the hustle and bustle of the office next to yours.

Reckon that would apply to cries of “Stoooooooopid”, “She hit me”, etc? It would be really cool to actually get an entire thought written uninterrupted once in a while.

Apogee Search


I know it may seem strange to find an SEO Company here on Six Neat Things, but bear with me a minute. As you know, I love to learn new things, and Apogee Search deserves a mention on this blog because their website is a treasure trove of information. They have a glossary that explains all the SEO terms, as well as a blog discussing current SEO information in words even I understand. Be sure and check out their recent post on the AdWords Placement Report.

Maybe I’m Ready

So, I posted yesterday that I was going though my drafts here, and it was slowing me down a bit on my posting. I finally sat down and just finished the job today. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get back in to the swing of things now. Thanks for your patience. And, hey, now that my stack of drafts is more manageable, I’m taking recommendations for sites that ought to be featured here. No credit cards, please.

Service Network


I read about a service today that I thought was pretty neat. When I have moved, I have always done it myself, because of cost and confusion. Looking in the yellow pages just left me with more questions than answers concerning professional movers. Service Network can help you find long distance moving companies. All of their moving companies go through a strict application process, and they are licensed and insured. Prices are discounted up to 65% through them, and they also have a dispute resolution process to assist customers who come across problems with their move. See? Safe, Sane, and Neat.

Metal Pegboards


Here’s a neat organizing tool for you. Most people think of pegboards as something you can only use in garages for guy tools, but I think this stainless steel metal pegboard would look great in the kitchen to hold pots. You (I) could hang it over the stove to keep the pots handy and save cabinet space. I like the look over overhead racks for this, too, but at only 5 feet tall, that would put my pots out of reach, LOL!



I’m just full of ideas for getting away today. Perhaps because I am in the middle of cleaning my house (again) (you’ve noticed my absence, right?) and I rather be doing just about anything else! So, what about a golf vacation? You could come to Myrtle beach where they have great golf packages, and wave at me as you pass by! Don’t forget to visit Titleist golf first, to make sure you have the latest golfing equipment. And, ya’ll?? Avoid the sand traps. When we say sand here, we mean it.

Aviva Trivia Blog


Lots of good stuff here for the info geek and the joker in you. The Aviva Trivia Blog is funny, it’s smart, it’s eclectic, and it really oughta be in your feed reader, so you can read it every day. I have it in mine, and that’s ’nuff said.

Wedding Favors


Todays neat thing is the Knot Wedding Shop. They sell a wide variety of unique personalized wedding favors, but go to the site, even if you aren’t getting married anytime soon. In addition to things you would only use for a wedding, they have a lot of neat gift ideas, including jewelry and candles. Christmas is closer than you like to think, and you can get some good deals on nice presents here.

If you are a film photographer and don’t mind what your disposable camera looks like, be sure to check those out. The prices are excellent on them, and it’s worth putting up with a pink camera to save a few bucks, isn’t it?

Under Cabinet Lighting


Today’s neat thing is for middle aged eyes. I’ve long been a proponent of well lit dining areas, and by that I mean I refuse to eat in the dark, or the semi dark, or the not quite brightly lit. And by long, I mean forever. Now, however (thank you almost 40), I am finding that I’d like to be able to see the counter area where I am preparing food just a little bit better. Viola, under cabinet lighting to the rescue.

Portable Water Filter


Ok, here’s a neat thing for travelers. These Portable Water Filters are great for insuring that you have great tasting, pure water where ever you go, whether across town, or across the world. Each filter lasts approximately three months (or 40 gallons), and prices start at 7.95. Compare that to the cost of bottled water, and I think you’ll decide the filter is a great deal.

Digital Scales


Do you often need to weigh things? I used to mail a lot of packages, and I had to guess at the wights, which probably ended up costing me a pretty penny in extra postage. I could have avoided that extra expense by investing in a set of digital scales. they even make scales that will fit in your pocket! Those are much handier, and most likely a bit more accurate than the fishing scales I used to weigh my last two babies. Whether you need to weigh mail, or children, or even yourself, you’ll find the scale to meet your needs at Scales, etc.

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