If you like Illusions, then you need to visit this site. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and plan to be there for a bit. There are a few Escher’s, and some others and it’s guaranteed to boggle your mind, or at least your eyes. While not as comprehensive as some of the illusion sites I have posted, this one is fun nonetheless. Come back and let me know which is your favorite.

Face Recognition


The face recognition program at this site is very neat. Upload a picture of yourself, and it will scan your face and come up with a list of celebrities you resemble, more or less. There are some pretty neat genealogy resources here, too. Check out the “6 must-do Things on MyHeritage”, about halfway down the page for great fun.

More Money Origami


If you enjoyed the oragami site I sent you to before, you will be happy today. I found the home page this time. Money Origami is probably the most fun you can have for just a couple of bucks. Have fun, and let me know what you make. With pictures, of course!!

Public Radio


Public Radio Channels from around the world. If you are a fan of public radio, you will enjoy this site. This site is neat for allowing you to catch your favorite shows on your schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I kinda fell off my blogging groove with this site, didn’t I? I’m sorry, ya’ll. I’ll try to do better.

Television Tunes


If you are a fan of tv, you will like this site. Television Theme Songs has over 500 theme songs in MP3format. You can browse alphabetically and find find your favorites! It’s like being
“back in the day.” I listened to Gilligan’s Island and Smurfs and was young again, however briefly.

Trivia Challenge


Trivia Challenge is a cool way to spend a few minutes of your day. You play until you miss three questions in a row. The questions have points assigned according to their difficulty. You can achieve your fifteen minutes of fame by making one of the high score lists–they have them for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly high scorers. My score of 595 netted me 0 minutes, LOL!

Free Old Time Radio Shows


This is a site that will take you way back. – Old Time Radio Shows includes such vintage hits as Benny Goodman and Educating Archie. You’ll find dramas, mysteries and variety shows, as well as music and comedies.

They have Gunsmoke, ya’ll!



Today’s neat thing is for all you techno philes. UtterlyGeek discusses cool apps and cool products, among other things. You don’t have to be into the latest in computer hardware to enjoy this site, because it covers all kinds of new and neat stuff. Recent entries include magnetic primer paint as well as this monitor mirror. If it’s geeky, this site covers it, and that’s just neat.

Strange But True


Today’s site is a quick read, unless like me, you are just dumbfounded by some of the items and have to sit and think a bit before you can go on. Interesting Real Facts will give you plenty to chew on for the day, several laughs, and an IQ point or two.

When you get through there, check out the pages listed on this page. There’s plenty to see on this site.

Caveat: this site is heavily slanted toward Islam.

Optical Illusions


This site contains 34 optical illusions, including a few Eschers, and some classics. You may or may not choose to visit this site when you are tired. I found on my visit that tiredness added quite a bit to the level of trickery. Number 26 is especially amusing late at night :)



On this site, you can find quotes for just about anything.
Quotiki allows youu to search by tag, author, and more. You can save, submit and rate quotes, too, once you have an account. The front page loads with the most popular quotes, and they are all gems.

Trivia Challenge


I played for a few minutes here today. I earned a score of 641. Which didn’t even land me in the top five pages, so I guess I need more practice.Trivia Challenge was lots of fun, and this game is right up my alley.

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