Murder Mystery


I think this site would be incredibly cool if I felt like playing today. Being sick as a dog, I do not. So let’s do this. You go play, and let me know in the comments if it was fun or not.
3D Virtual Reality Murder Mystery looks to be ab entertaining way to spend a morning.

photos you like better


Click the photo you like better. When the brain turns pink, click it to see what it’s learned about you. It thought I was a man, but it was still fun. Photos you like better: you are what you like kept my kids aged 8 to 18 enthralled for quite some time. Not to mention me!

LiveWire Magnets


Magnet words for the refrigerator, only on-line. Each time you go to the site, it’s different, as the words are left like the last user positioned them. Fun! LiveWire Magnets will probably not allow you to creats a literary masterpiece, but it will give you something to do. Start fresh, or build on what the person before you did.



This is the neatest thing I have found in my years of internet-ing. You install the toolbar, give it a click, and viola–a cool new site to check out. I get alot of the sites you see on this site from that toolbar.

Find them at StumbleUpon



Pick your channel, Push teh button , Play your show. Some picks give you clips (Animal Planet) some give you the channel (CNN). Yay me, I can now watch the news! There are many many channels listed here. The little menu on the left expands greatly :) ChannelChooser is an awesome treat for those without cable.

Backyard Birding


Nice place to start on your search for bird watching info. From making suet, to building a better birdhouse, to planting bird attracting plants, you can find links to it here. Backyard Birding will be a reference point for us this spring. I’d love to get some good photos!

More Fridge Words


Another magnetic word site. You can create whatever you’d like with words. Fridge 3.0 lets you pick up where the other guy left off to write your masterpiece. As a bonus, the sitelets you know how many other players have been there in the last 30 minutes. I can so seeing playing this with a group of crazy internet friends.

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