Guest Post by Zach Watson

When the sun goes down and the lights dim it is time to watch the magic that appears in that obscure box sitting in your living or family room called the television. Beginning with network channels the medium has grown to include every kind of genre imaginable especially the ability to watch movies on demand on direct TV whenever you wish. Most films are readily available immediately after their theatrical run and before they are released on DVD.

One of the best recent films I have seen is “Law Abiding Citizen” with Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox. This movie was an original thriller about a normal man who sees his family murdered by two thugs and the lack of justice imposed by the system. Gerard Butler plays the victim and Jamie Fox the District Attorney. What made this film unique and in my estimation original, was that Butler was much more than just a normal family man. It turns out he was a master tactician at assassination and what he does in the course of the movie is amazing.

He begins by humbly accepting the verdict imposed by the thugs who killed his family. Then the movie moves ahead ten years to the prison where one of the convicted murderers is about to be executed. The execution goes horribly awry and it turns out that the chemicals were switched. Next Butler captures the other killer and viciously tortures him. He turns himself in and goes to prison for the murder. While in prison, more murders keep happening and toward the end of the movie the only person left from the original trial alive is Jamie Fox.

It turns out that Butler was the one getting revenge solely on those responsible for the injustice he suffered by digging a tunnel out of the prison from his cell. Of course Jamie Fox finds the tunnel and the ending of the movie was predictable. That was the only part of the film I was disappointed in but other than the ending, I would highly recommend this film as a taut engaging thriller.