Guest post from Alex Propst.

A few months ago, I got a satalite internet Michigan connection, and I absolutely love it. I’ve actually never had internet access at home before, so it’s really been an amazing help. One thing that I’ve discovered I like to do is manage my photos online. It really saves on hard disk space, and plus I can share them with others easily and efficiently.

Sometimes, I’ll also use sites like to upload and order prints made from my digital photos. It’s really actually convenient because I do it all at home. There are other sites that I use for strictly editing such as Picnik which does an amazing job. I really don’t have to go out and purchase photo editing software that I’ll use only occasionally.

When I want to upload photos and share with friends, I usually upload them to sites like Facebook and Flickr. They’re hands down my favorites to upload to. Facebook is already the number one social networking site, so I already have lots of friends there to share photos with. The other day, I even uploaded pictures of my puppy cuddling with my cat, Herald. It was so cute, and all my friends loved the pictures. I use Flickr to upload my significant pictures. When I’d like to retain quality, it’s great using Flickr. Now that I think about it, I really don’t know what I’d do without being able to manage my photos online with hughes satellite internet.