Have you guys ever considered investing in gold? Using some extra cash to buy gold bullion, either as coins or ingots? According to the folks at the United States Gold Bureau, it’s a pretty solid investment. I know it’s pretty to look at, and you know the rich folks from the ancient world until now have used it as an adornment, but it seems unwieldy to carry around, yk? I’d be afraid I’d spend it by mistake, so I’d have to put it in a safe deposit box or something. I like the idea that it’s going up in value as readily available supplies dwindle, but I also wonder if man will come up with a near substitute, not so much in value as in beauty, like CZs are to diamonds. Yeah, you can tell the difference unless the horse is going by at a gallop, but *whisper* I always look. Always. And I judge. Cause that’s the way I am.

What else can we look at on the internets tonight? Let’s see, how about this: check. And check-mate, I’d say.

Hahahahaah! I just found emails from crazy people. Yep, you guessed: FEED READER! Too late, they aren’t posting new content. That sucks.

Oooh, lookie. Ways to torture people. I can think of some uses for these things!

An exercise in race confusion. Or futility. Or labeling. Or something.

Now folks, THIS is a tutorial.