Are you showing your age a little bit oe than you want to? Find out about wrinkle creams right there.

Find a new groove–radio stations online!

If I lived in a major metropolitan area, this would be awesome. If you do, check it out. It’s an email covering restaurants and happy hours and such such. And it’s free.

Here is another blog I added to my reader today, because this woman’s life is as hectic as mine, and sometimes reading about the insanity of other people’s lives makes me feel a little less overwhelmed. Also, really good pictures, planned, not just grabbed on the fly.

If you’ve ever wanted to hold nature in the plams of your hands, you have got to see this rainbow book.

Kids, this one is for you. I don’t want to hear anymore about how rough you have it as you clutch your cell phone and diddy-bop down the street in your designer clothes. Just sayin’