You know, I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with the little micro sd cards. I love that they hold so much data and make mp3 players and cell phones so much more useful. I really dislike that they are so small that when you drop on on dark carpeting it takes forever to find. Seriously, it’s like the new “I lost my contact”.

For Star Wars fans: the secret lives of Stormtroopers.

OhMyWord! This woman is crocheting this rope with her FINGERS to make a giant doily. It’s pretty, too! But a doily that big must certainly be called a rug!

Got a cool picture? Wanna see it huge on your wall? Here’s a tutorial and software to make a large wall poster from a photo. And it’s free! My favorite price!!

I do love a good photograph. You could lose yourself for several hours on, but start with the Winter Windmill.

In depth explanationals of all the punctuationals. Yep, I just added “al” to words in writing; I do it all the time when I am talking. And, yes, I did use that semi-colon correctly 😉