You know, it’s been so long since I posted here that I actually had to go back to some old entries to figure out how to title this post. That’s a sad, sad thing! I wonder if that fancy dancy Medicare supplement insurance covers things like time turners so I could buy a few more hours everyday like Hermione. I mean, I have her hair, so why shouldn’t I have a little magic? On with the sites:

Here is a page on Holi, the festival of colors. And it is very, err, colorful.

Ohmygosh, Oreo Turkeys. Totally neat and just in time for……no, wait….couple weeks late for Thanksgiving. Sorry.

Here’s something I would love to learn how to do: Cappuccino Foam Art. Given the amount of coffee I drink and my ongoing love affair with flavors, I can totally see that becoming a hobby for me. How cool would it be to serve guests a piece of art with their cuppa?

Quick read, totally hilarious, and something I could totally see my cop friend doing. Yes, I have one of those.

A series of totally awesome owl photos.