So how are you? I know it’s been forever, but sometimes, “them’s the breaks”. Have you been working on software development or just goofing off? Me, I’ve been working hard at being a mom, cleaning my house, re-doing my house and playing games on facebook. Love me some games! But enough about me, let’s go see some interesting sites!

This is pretty impressive, if you are in to women or dance or just the unusual: Ballerina. Wonder if I could do that?

There’s art and then there’s more interesting art. Check out these outdoor sculptures and let me know which category you think they fall in to.

Check out Wondertoonel, and don’t stop at the landing page. Dig around a bit.

Will, this one’s for you. Fancy pants cupcakes. Would you still have to burn your house down to actually bake? Might be worth it in this case, just sayin’.

This last one is for the birds. Hummingbirds, that is. Good info here.