Do you even think back on something you have said, and hear hysterical laughter in the background that you didn’t quite hear at the time? Yeah, well, that’s what happens when I think back on that last post I made where I said “schedul” and “normal” in the same sentence Uh0huh. Yeah. Cause no. Not at all. Only in the way that replacing the lights in your bathroom light fixtures
with black lights could be considered normal. Which isn’t really, unless you have a thing about seeing the urine spots glow in the dark. Which is a good way to make sure things are really clean, but makes it more difficult to take care of any other sorts of business.

Now then, I am once again without access to my favorite resources for posting to this blog, so for a while, you are just going to have to deal with my bizarre sense of humor instead of my penchant for finding neat stuff on the intarwebs. In truth, I feel a little sorry for us both.