First, let me apologize for my extended absence. I got busy, and then I got busier and then I got sick. I;m still sick, but after a time, one just has to suck up and deal, right? So that’s what I am doing today. I am taking it easy though, no housework, only desk chair duties. Also, I am only going to talk about one site today. Fortunately for us, Gadget Advisor is a wide ranging site, and there is lots to talk about!

Gadget Advisor is your window to the computer and electronics world. The tagline of the site is “cutting through the cutting edge”, and that pretty much sums up what they do. They talk about gadgets, tech news, computer hardware and computer software. I like they way they focus on open source/free software like Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice. Ever wondered which FF extensions were must haves? Here ya go: best Firefox extensions.

And what if you, like most American households have four thousand and eleven electrical devices to “entertain” yourself with and each of them has it’s own remote. Or maybe, like me, you only have four thousand and three remotes at any one time, the others being hidden in the couch cushions and various sock drawers? It’s obviously time to check into a big gun; you need a universal remote.

And then there are those more serious times, when your computer blows up and you are faced with massive data loss. This is happening to a friend of mine right now, except the data loss part. She’s a smart cookie and she has taught us the importance of back ups. Gadget Advisor tells you what to look for when you are ready to backup online.

See, I told you there was plenty on this site to talk about! Go check it out.