There, is that better than “Thursday”? Actaully, I shouldn’t have said there. This page on overused words says so. While I can admit that these words mught be overused, I also submit that, sometimes, avoiding their use tends to make for dry writing. Chicken and writing should never be dry. Nonetheless, it’s a good page to read to make sure you aren’t really going overboard with you theres and yous and whens.

Brain-Juice has biographies for famous 20th century folks in the fields of art, music, literature, film and history.

For a giggle, try these cat haikus. I don’t even like cats, and I thought they were funny.

Amazing roof top gardens.

Today’s Christian Woman. I plan to spend some time looking this site over a little better this weekend.

Peacock Swallowtail. No other words needed.