If my stock in trade is cool stuff on the internet, do I need a commodity brokers‘ license? Is laughter a marketable commodity?

A few days ago, I linked you to a place where you can publish a cookbook. Well, here’s a place where you can publish your poetry.

Quotes, randomly or by author or by topic.

There are a couple ways to look at this next one. You can be serious or joking. I suppose you could be a little of both, such as when I thought it was funny until I realized I had a problem with line EF. It’s an interesting take on combining the 7 deadly sins.

How to Remember What You Read.

Enjoy the Science of Cooking, because anytime you can combine eating and learning, it’s a good thing!

A photogallery. In German. But you don’t have to read German to enjoy it. Galerie, when read phonetically, still says gallery.