Happy Feet: this phrase became part of out family lexicon.

Steel Magnolias: ā€œIā€™d rather have 3 minutes of wonderful than a whole lifetime of nothing special.ā€

One Last Dance: The dance scenes are really the star of this movie, and the tension between Neimi and Swayze is mesmerizing.

Cinderella III: fun for the whole family. I laughed out loud watching it.

Bourne Ultimatum: We added “off the roof” to our dictionaries with this one.

No links, because I’m lazy. Only five, because I am on the fly. But go to Blockbuster and get one or two of these or your next family night.

Helpful tip: if your significant other is a tv hog like mine, your lcd monitor can be pressed into service as a movie watching gizmo-thingee.