Yep, spawned directly from my previous post on books, let’s talk about shelves. I have several sets of book shelves in my home, and I want to let you know that book shelves do not have to come from furniture stores. Now, I think everyone ought to have at least one nice set of bookshelves to hold truly special books and a couple of phots and such as this, but if, like me, your books number in the thousands, you eventually have a decision to make: a nice set of shelves or more books, and if you are as passionate as I am about books, that is likely to be your choice.

My best bookcase tip? Dollar General and Family Dollar sell a set of three shelves with round black supports for 15 or 20 bucks. Get two or three of them and stack them together to make a sets 4 or 5 shelves high. (Bonus: use the leftover shelves to add storage space in your pantry.)