Extenze and other stuff


You know, some things I never figured to talk about on this blog, and extenze is one of them. Just sayin’

Hahaha. I wouldn’t pull, because I would be too busy laughing, but you at least gotta look.

This right here is the best dog toy ever. Only my dog hated it. Even peanut butter wouldn’t make her play with it. Damn, I miss that dog. She was truly my bestest friend for several years.

Some things just shouldn’t be said. Mostly because they are stupid and a waste of taxpayer’s money. That would be my money and yours.

Here are 35 beautiful photographs of animals. Don’t rush. Get coffee first, and enjoy them! Some great talent here, both the Creator and the snappers.

Bwhahahahaha! Take that, PETA!

Weight Loss Success Stories and other stuff


Ok, this post shouldn’t leave you needing to read weight loss success stories like the last one, but it should be amusing anyway.

Well, I’ve been called a word nazi before, so I might as well add grammar nazi to my list of titles.

Here’s a nifty skill–make firewood out of newspaper. Never be cold again, at least as long as you subscribe to the paper.

Here are some cool statues. I will refrain from getting philosophical about this one, you can make your own call.

Here are 22 short stories by J. D. Salinger to amuse you.

And this, this I just like. A lot.

FDA Approved Diet Pills and other stuff

By the end of this post, I promise that you will be curious about fda approved diet pills.

Let’s begin with marshmallow fondant. Because, seriously, if it starts with marshmallows and sugar, how can it go wrong?

Tres Leches cake. I should have known this was The Pioneer Woman talking when I was reading, but no, it wasn’t until I actually went to harvest the link that I noticed.

Ok, enough food. Here’s a little something to drive you crazy. Hahahaha, you can thank me later.

This is just pretty, and you know I like pretty.

And I also like funny. I really like funny.

Apidexin Scam and other stuff

Wise up about the apidexin scam!

Ok, so ….weird. But also funny. Because onions really do make you cry.

Oh wow. Were truer words ever spoken? Cause I have spent the last several years just saying “fine, fine. And you?” So this blog sucked up a few minutes of my day, and it got added to my feed reader, too.

If you’ve ever seen a cat engage in strange and aberrant behavior (and who hasn’t?) then this page should amuse you.

This might not amuse you unless you get called slut a lot. I laughed. Just sayin’.

And this one made me smile and nod.

Cheapest Car Insurance and other stuff


Hey, if you are in the market, check out this list for the cheapest car insurance.

This right here is genius. Pure and simple genius that will make us all feel really, really stupid. And I have office clips already.

If I ever get through my TBR pile, this will be a good place to visit.

This is funny. It’s sad in a way, but also funny. Darn those caring humans!

France is not just Paris. And these pictures prove it. It’s a beautiful country.

This is pretty. That is all.

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