Drawings of Leonardo


Here is a collection of the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. The site also has links to other sites that focus on DaVinci. The thumbnails are linked to larger copies of the drawings, and they are exceptionally clear. A wonderful site to study history, science or art. I have to admit that I was surprised when I clicked on his “Views of a Fetus in the Womb” to see that the great Leonardo had the proportions wrong. Click it and see if you do not agree.

Eyewitness to History


I have referenced this site briefly before, but it deserves quite a bit more than the sentence I gave it. Eyewitness to History is broken down by eras, and within each era are links to first-hand accounts of major events. The execution of Mary Queen of Scots is covered in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as is the murder of Thomas Becket. As a history lover, this site is destined to become a valued resource in my teaching.

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