Trivial Things


Another fairly quick history read today. Human World is a collection of tidbits about the famous, and infamous, focusing on politics, religion and military. Lots of fun facts here. Click on “contents” in the upper left corner to get to other pages. All are worh a read.

Eyewitness to History


I have referenced this site briefly before, but it deserves quite a bit more than the sentence I gave it. Eyewitness to History is broken down by eras, and within each era are links to first-hand accounts of major events. The execution of Mary Queen of Scots is covered in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as is the murder of Thomas Becket. As a history lover, this site is destined to become a valued resource in my teaching.

Biography Base


Re-visiting this site. There are almost 5500 biographies here. One thing I failed to notice on my first quick visit is that the “featured biographies” change each time the page is loaded. Pretty spiffy, huh? At Biography Baseyou can search by name, or browse alphabetically. The biographies are short, but are generally enough to get you started.

Belisi Fashions


Today’s spotlight is a bit different than you are used to from me. Instead of just spotlighting a site, I’m spotlighting an idea.

I like to know when I am spending money that I am doing more than lining the pockets of the big guy, and Belisi Fashions gives people a chance to contribute to a good cause. Now Belisi is a designer, and specifically a high fashion designer of ties, scarves and hand-bags. and every time you purchase a Belisi product, you put the finishing touch on a put-together look, while fighting poverty, protecting the environment, seeking justice and funding medical research.

That’s right, Belisi gives back. That’s a concept I can get behind, even if his clothing is a bit out of my personal reach.



For 36 weeks, a sketchbook traveled randomly between 4 artists. Each artist then had 5 days to create a spread in response to the one that preceded it. There was no other communication among the artists about the Book. By the end of the journey, the book had traveled over 60,000 miles. You can read or listen to the artist’s commentaries as you page through the book

Raven’s Rambles


I spent a few minutes this morning, poking around Raven’s Rambles this morning. There is both more and less here than I originally thought. Still worthy of a few minutes diversion, and a lot of interesting information. Just not as extensive in some areas as I had hoped. Fun anyway, and great pictures.

The Miniature Earth


If you reduced the population of the earth to 100 people, yet kept them representative of the entire current population……….and put it into pictures, you’d have this. Excellent to show world societies in numbers the human mind can actually grasp. The Miniature Earth is a short movie with a big impact. It will make you grateful, I think.



Does anyone *not* know about this site? Here it is, just in case. PostSecret is my must read weekly thing. I always come away feeling both better and worse, both warm and fuzzy and also cold and alone. It’s a thinker, so get some coffee first.

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