It’s getting hot out there people. My heat went out in the last ice storm we had. Since I have one unit for both, that means my air conditioning is out, too. We’re limping thrugh with spac heaters and portable fans, but dang! Now, I have the excuse that I am moving this summer and have decided not to invest money in a system that I won’t need long, but if you are in a jam with your ac and plan to stick around for more than a few weeks, check out Morrisville ac repair. It’s not going to get any cooler for awhile.

New software


IN the category of things I never even thought about: eoncode web to print solutions. And by didn’t think about, I do mean never realized there would be a need for such a thing. WHich is silly when I reconsider, because with all the changes in publishing, inclusing pc software that allows you to self-publish, why shouldn’t printing businesses have an easier why to streamline production. DUH! I feel a little silly!


Have you seen this martin d16? Ain’t it purty? You know you wish you had one! Ok, maybe that was me. Because I want things, even if I don’t know what to do with them once I have them. Proof: I have an acoustic guitar hanging on my wall and I never take it down to play it.

Sigh. One day I will have time for hobbies again.

What’s with that?


Oh, rant coming. I’m single. I like it that way. Read my lips. I like it. I do not feel incomplete. I do not feel less. What i do feel is weirded out when people I assume I am lonely and looking for a man and lusting after engagement rings. No. Do not want. Seriously. When I want jewelry, I’ll buy it myself. And when I want a man, I’ll rent him by the day.

I got nothin’


Well, that’s not quite true. I have plenty of things I need to do and plenty of complaints about the cold temperatures. Anybody now where I can file a complaint? What I don’t have is enough warm drinks, a cotter pin from Reid Supply, or enough motivation to tackle the to-do list. I have just about enough gusto to brew more coffee, wrap up in this snuggli, and spend the day reading. And I may do just that after I take the kids to school, get some groceries, do some laundry, pay some bills, and finish my current knitting project.



have you ever come back home and thought, “How the heck did my tools end up scattered all over the house?” Because this just happened here. hammer in the kitchen, pipe wrench in the living room (why? there are no pipes there), and so forth. I need to corrall this stuff and figure out a way to stop the tool abuse. Do you think I should seal the thing with a cap screw or two? Or would this be overkill?

Why bills?


Why bills? Why do you keep coming even after I am out of money? I am sick of looking at you. If this continues, I will need a free bankruptcy consultation! You must slow down! Do not keep mingling and reproducing in my mailbox. You are not wanted here! Go play elsewhere! And take your friends, those unwanted solicitations with you!



It’s a grey rainy thundery day here. In June, which is supposedly the beginning of summer. I haven’t been outside yet to determine if it cool or warm and muggy. I have still a few chores to do before that. How do you like your summer weather? Hot and sunny to put you in mind of rolling back the bimini top boat, or drizzly to make you appreciate the beauty of roofs and air conditioning?



So, I mentioned that my house has reached a point of crisis, right? And it must be cleaned, yes? I’m working on it every day. Today, it’s the vanity that I plan to tackle. It’s cluttered and messy and I have to move stuff to get to what I need. Not happy with that at all. I will put on some music, and work on it for an hour or until it is done. Too bad I don’t have blackstar amplifiers at Guitar Center to pump my sounds through.



So, you know, I have been going to sleep to Songza. Oh you didn’t know. Well, yeah I have. I like that it lets me pick and activity or mood and then presents playlists to choose from. Last night, it was classical. Cello, bassoon, violin, flute, all those wonderful instruments. I drifted off in a snap. So what’s your go-to sleepy time playlist?

Whatcha doin?


What are you up too this summer? How about you buy padron cigars and enjoy them with a bit of scotch on the rocks? Like, on a beach somewhere. prefereably. Me, I am cleaning and writing, because, apparently, I am taking the summer off school whether I want to or not.

I’m under a bit of financial pressure over it, but well=pleased with what I am getting accomplished.



Today, I ordered books. And also shoes. School starts for me on Wednesday, and a girl likes to be a well-heeled sapiosexal, right? I imagine that I will soon be rushing around like a true equestrian, but I hope to keep posting. At least with greater regularity than I have been able to manage in previous semesters. I;ve slacked off this time–only 16 hours!

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