Three for old movie buffs


Continuing today’s videographical postings, let me show you three great resources for folks who like old movies. First up, Blockbuster Online, where you can rent them.

Second, Amazon, where you can buy classic movies.

Third, Stargate, where they carry rare movie posters, so you can share the love. And by that, I do mean hang it on the wall for others to see, not give it away. Unless it’s of Marilyn to Me.

Neatest TV Accessory

The neatest tv accessory ev-ar is a working remote, preferably one that controls the DVD and the TV. Mine went on the fritz last night, after being held in a hot sweaty 8 year old hand for most of the day, and I was so frustrated I almost cried. Now, admittedly, they broke the actual dvd remote last week, and so I considered myself lucky to have found this remote AND the instructions, AND being able to program it. Let me just say, if you are watching episodes of a tv show on dvd??? All those fancy schmancy HDMI switches aren’t worth nearly as much as a remote so you can use the menu/fast forward. In fact, last week, we had to watch a movie here on the laptop, because the first item on the menu wasn’t play, so we couldn’t get it to play at all without a remote.

PS, my kids were shocked to find out tvs used to have dials on the front. Yeah.

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