City Vacations


This is a neat site, just because it’s simple. I like simple. Here’s how you use it to plan your vacation: pick your city, pick your interests, read about the suggested activities. Interest choices run the gamut from Art and Culture to Tours and Excursions with lots of options in between! The layout makes it super easy to find what you want!

At, they are moving and shaking. The site has not been finalized, and there is a note in the corner, and on some of the pages that they are launching a new community this fall, with reviews, articles, and forums. I hope they keep the simple-to-use navigation, because to me, that’s what makes the site so neat.

Kitchen Sprayers


You know what’s neat? Kitchen Sprayers are neat. Just envision it, a perfect stream of water directed precisely where you want it! And do you know how I know this is so neat?? Because mine isn’t working correctly anymore, that’s how. DH looked at them the week, but all he could find were kitchen faucets with sprayers included, and we don’t need all that.


Did I spell that correctly? My spell checker occasionally misses words in the title field. This neat thing is an idea, not something you can touch, but anonymity is a great benefit of the internet. Think about it: if you saw someone purchasing protective underwear, you’d make certain assumptions, wouldn’t you? But today, that kind of stuff can be ordered and one’s privacy can remain intact. That’s cool!

Forbidden Library

Love to read? Check out the Forbidden Library. It’s not full of racy books, but it is full of books that have been banned for one reason or another, in one place or another, and most of them are books you know and love. Books like Alice in Wonderland and The Call of the Wild. Yeah, crazy, right?


Shoppers, here’s a heads up just for you. Fall is coming, and that means OnlineDiscountMart is having a sale to get rid of summer] merchandise. They have some of the cutest stuff! Check out theirwindmills. The one I have shown you is 8 feet tall, ya’ll. Now, if I could just figure out how to make energy from it…..

They have plenty of other neat things there, too, so be sure and poke around.

Baby Panda

This is so cute, and sweet, and really you just have to look. It a pictorial detailing the growth of a baby panda. Guaranteed to make you ooh and ahhh, and possibly even send out bulk email.

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