Portable Water Filter


Ok, here’s a neat thing for travelers. These Portable Water Filters are great for insuring that you have great tasting, pure water where ever you go, whether across town, or across the world. Each filter lasts approximately three months (or 40 gallons), and prices start at 7.95. Compare that to the cost of bottled water, and I think you’ll decide the filter is a great deal.

Digital Scales


Do you often need to weigh things? I used to mail a lot of packages, and I had to guess at the wights, which probably ended up costing me a pretty penny in extra postage. I could have avoided that extra expense by investing in a set of digital scales. they even make scales that will fit in your pocket! Those are much handier, and most likely a bit more accurate than the fishing scales I used to weigh my last two babies. Whether you need to weigh mail, or children, or even yourself, you’ll find the scale to meet your needs at Scales, etc.

Unheard Beethoven

Unheard Beethoven is a site dedicated to making Beethoven’s unrecorded works available and accessible to the public. All you need to enjoy these under appreciated works are a computer, and internet connection and a sound card. You won’t find your old favorites here, but there are presently over 12 hours of Beethoven’s music that you can’t find anywhere else. Headphones optional 😉


This website contains games and more, all based on the great Dr. Suess books. Your preschooler will have tons of fun here, and so will you. Dr. Suess is still among my favorite reads, even today, and I enjoy sharing these books over and over with my little ones. Welcome To Seussville! brings that same fun to the internet.


Here’s a neat place to get quick bio’s of fmaous 9and some not so famous) Women & Men. Whether you want to know more about Alanis Morissette or Derek Jeter, you can do it here. Use the search box on the lower left sidebar to find info quickly, and browse the right sidebar to see the latest additions to the site.

Stock Option Screener

Investing can be pretty scary. There’s so much to learn, and frankly, losing your shirt is not an option many of us would consider to be a good thing, right? If you are thinking about entering the stock market a stock option screener can give you a place to start making sound decisions to realize your profit goals. PowerOptions helps you find, compare, analyze and make money on stock option trading. You can get a 14 day free trial, an online user guide, toll-free customer support and a performance guarantee. I’ve never understood how stock trading actually works, so now I can correct my ignorance.

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