Necessary Neatness part 1


I like to think that most of the time, I manage the keep the posts on this blog pretty interesting, and appropriate. Occasionally, I fail and I’m certain that some of the things I find neat are not your cup of tea at all. RFI Shielding, for instance, is not a subject that most people find incredibly cool. Yet, it’s a thing that I need to mention.

Get Smart


I’ve said before on my blogs that education is important. If you are not in a position to get to a brick and mortar campus, don’t be afraid to check out cyber-courses like those offered by Capella. You can earn actual university degrees online, right from home.

Capella was in the news recently, when Tammy Alexander was awarded the 2006 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. She a master’s degree student at Capella and was honored for her work in cybersecurity. The award is given to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations who are actively involved in community crime prevention, and is given annually to one individual or organization from each of the FBI’s 56 field offices.


Just what it says, Biiible – Bible search for the Google freak can help you find what you are looking for. Search several versions for words and phrases, or read whole chapters. The books are listed in alphabetical order, which threw me at first, but you’ll get used to it. Check out the downloads and study tools, too!


I’m just full of ideas for getting away today. Perhaps because I am in the middle of cleaning my house (again) (you’ve noticed my absence, right?) and I rather be doing just about anything else! So, what about a golf vacation? You could come to Myrtle beach where they have great golf packages, and wave at me as you pass by! Don’t forget to visit Titleist golf first, to make sure you have the latest golfing equipment. And, ya’ll?? Avoid the sand traps. When we say sand here, we mean it.

The Caribbean

This neat thing is a vacation idea. It’s (past) time to start planning summer getaways, and I can’t think of any place more beautiful than the Caribbean. Why not take a vacation now and enjoy yourself? From awesome views to fun in the sun to nightlife, the islands are sure to please. Go ahead and check into a Caribbean villa rental and give yourself a treat!

Neat Seats


600129_fr.jpg Well, here’s your chance to laugh at me, ok? You all know what this is, right? Well, I didn’t, but today, I learned that this is called home theater seating, and I want some. I also want a room large enough to put it in and a big screen tv, and preferably surround sound. If I’m going to wish, I might as well ask for the moon, right?

Father’s Day Gifts


PSA: Father’s Day is coming in just 9 days. If you haven’t shopped yet, you need to get a move on. Gift baskets make neat Father’s Day Gifts, and this site has a plethora of them. You can choose from gourmet food baskets, golf themed baskets, grilling baskets and more. If you can’t find just what you are looking form this site will build a custom basket for you. Err, for your dad, I mean. Now, I;m not encouraging you to wait until the last minute, but if you do find yourself behind the eight ball, these guys can arrange same day/ next day delivery for you.

Aviva Trivia Blog

Lots of good stuff here for the info geek and the joker in you. The Aviva Trivia Blog is funny, it’s smart, it’s eclectic, and it really oughta be in your feed reader, so you can read it every day. I have it in mine, and that’s ’nuff said.

For Marcus

Education is a very neat thing, and i want to give a shout-out to one of my regular readers today, who is pursuing his dream of working in the medical field. Marcus is about to start his respiratory therapy program. In a couple more years, he’ll be wearing a little white coat and hanging a littman stethoscope around his neck! WayToGo, Marcus!



Today’s neat thing is mostly for students on summer break. At SnagAJob you’ll find a variety of summer jobs to choose from, whether you prefer to work for a small local employer or a larger national one. Search by zip code right from the front page, or click through to use more search options. It’s job search made easy!

Wedding Favors


Todays neat thing is the Knot Wedding Shop. They sell a wide variety of unique personalized wedding favors, but go to the site, even if you aren’t getting married anytime soon. In addition to things you would only use for a wedding, they have a lot of neat gift ideas, including jewelry and candles. Christmas is closer than you like to think, and you can get some good deals on nice presents here.

If you are a film photographer and don’t mind what your disposable camera looks like, be sure to check those out. The prices are excellent on them, and it’s worth putting up with a pink camera to save a few bucks, isn’t it?

Under Cabinet Lighting


Today’s neat thing is for middle aged eyes. I’ve long been a proponent of well lit dining areas, and by that I mean I refuse to eat in the dark, or the semi dark, or the not quite brightly lit. And by long, I mean forever. Now, however (thank you almost 40), I am finding that I’d like to be able to see the counter area where I am preparing food just a little bit better. Viola, under cabinet lighting to the rescue.

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