What time is it?


Use this handy map to check the time anywhere, just by moving your mouse! Time Zone Check is handy for when you need to call that cross country friend, or even one half way ’round the globe. This would also be great for explaining time zones to children, because the names of places change as you move across the map, along with the time zone abbreviations. I can never remember what the letters stand for, so I appreciate that.

Presentation Folders


If you are a business person, this post is for you. Professionally printed folders are a great way to jazz up your presentations. It takes a great deal of work to put those presentations together and they deserve to be bound nicely to show off your hard work. Presentation folder printing can help you put your best foot forward, and that’s always a neat thing. It’s an easy step to take to ensure your work gets the attention it deserves.

Classic Cat – the free classical mp3 directory

Here is a marvelous collection of classical music. Classic Cat – the free classical mp3 directory has links to over 4000 classical performances. Just search by composer, and then by work. A brilliant way to sample different composers and find your favorites. I’m enjoying George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue as I type :) I would not have considered him to be a classical composer, as his work does has neither the heaviness nor the majesty I expect when I think classical. It’s actually a fun piece.

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Business cards


You can get business card printing done relatively cheaply these day, and here are six neat things to do with them once you have them in your hot little hands.

  1. use them as business cards (ha, that’s a no-brainer)
  2. use them for a bookmark
  3. send a quick note to school
  4. tuck them in packages that need an address inside
  5. laminate one and put it on your keychain for instant return-ability
  6. use them for the tags on your luggage


This site covers Medieval, Renaissance, 17th century and Restoration writers. It does have some music, so you might want to turn your volume down before clicking, or not. Luminarium has essays about the authors and their works as well as links to the works themselves. You find the gamut from Chaucer to Pepys here, and there’s enough to keep you busy for several weeks.

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Saving money is neat, right? I thought so, too! Ebates lets you save a chunk of change on products you are already looking to buy. Get your free membership by using your email address, then shop for things like apple products. Just go through the Ebates site when you are ready to buy and earn up to 25% cash back on your purchases. Ebates uses the affiliate commissions from their partners to give back to you–the shopper who makes the site possible. They also offer some of the best Coupons & Specials on the web.

Japan Print Gallery

This site specializes in Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-e) from the 18th to 20th century. The prints are just beautiful. Looking through the gallery is a wonderful introduction to this traditional art form, and the work is incredibly intricate and detailed. The colors are especially vibrant for such old pieces. As usual, the prints are for sale, but looking is free!

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