Greek and Latin


Downloadable grammars, readers, lexicons and dictionaries are the highlights at Classical Languages. They also have fora and study groups for budding linguists. Subscribing to the free newsletter will allow you to download answer keys and you can create free vocabulary courses via the vocabulary tool. A collection of study tools for New Testament Greek is also available. Start at the Beginner’s Center.



This is a public service announcement on motorcycle safety. Wear a helmet, because living is really neat, and you’d hate to cut that experience short. Wear clothing that will protect you from the bike muffler and from road rash in a crash, because scars are neat only in that “can be used to freak out small children” kind of way. Wear motorcycle sunglasses because being able to see is a really neat and really irreplaceable trick. Finally have fun, cause nothing’s neater than that!

One Word

This is a good site to spur your writing. You get OneWord for inspiration and 60 seconds to type. Use this one for when you are stricken with writer’s block. You just have to be committed to actually do it! This would also be a great tool for teaching creative writing. “Don’t think, just write.”

Wheeled Baskets


I have to sing the praises of the new sterilite wheeled baskets. I am mentioning them on every applicable blog, because I really think they are all that ans then some. The baskets are sturdy, and they have wheels. They also have handles that you can turn to the top and make the baskets stackable. These are particularly useful as toy bins when kids share a room, since kids furniture tends to eat up a lot of floor space. I picked mine up at Dollar General for the princely sum of 4 bucks each for the toy bin size, and 8 bucks for the laundry hamper size.


Here are some fun quizzes. The site includes some history and science, as well as other areas, and there is stuff for all ages here. Fun Stuff: Memory Games, Brain Teasers, Trivia, IQ Quizzes and Puzzles also has links to career and personality inventories. Have a little fun, and get some useful knowledge, too. Be sure to check out the Art History quiz, and the common sayings unscrambler..



How can you have a blog called SixNeatThings, and never mention every kids fantasy? I’m talking about Disneyworld, of course. Getting an Orlando vacation rental will allow you to take advantage of a multiple day pass to a variety of theme parks, and surely every member of the family will find at least one neat thing among all the offerings. Mouse ear hat is obligatory, formal attire definitely not. Go in the the off season, it’s much more fun!

Open Source Shakespeare

This site is searchable, and contains the plays, poems and sonnets of Shakespeare . The plays include a character list with explanations. The sonnets options are cool, allowing you to compare 2 side by side, read a range of them, or just go to individual ones. I was really surprised to note that aside from the sonnets there are only 5 extant Shakespearian poems. I guess it’s totally true that you learn something every day!



This neat thing hits close to home. I may be prejudiced by proximity, but I think Raleigh is one of the neatest capital cities in the country. It and it’s immediate environs are home to 3 incredible universities (four if you include the red one), numerous fine museums, and a whole lot of nice people. You can get more information than I have time to post in this blog entry at Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate. I know it’s a real estate site, but they have some good information on the area.

Too much fun

That’s what I am having. I’m giving ya’ll way more than Six Neat Things per week, aren’t I? Are you hanging in ok? I hope so, because I am certainly enjoying bringing these finds to you. All I can say is view this blog as a smörgåsbord. Just as you can’t sample everything on the table at a buffet, pick and choose here what interests you. Eventually, I may slow down again. But then again you never know with me. I’m crazy like that.



Nothing to listen to this time, and no art to look at either. Just a reminder to make sure your house marker is legible from the street. Emergency personnel need to be able to read them in order to respond quickly in case of emergency. I know we like to think it will never happen to us, but each time the ambulance screams by, it should serve as a reminder that it could. Don’t make it harder for help to arrive in a timely manner.

Kitchen Myths Debunked

No, baking soda will not defunk your frig, and mayo does not hasten the spoiling of salads. Lots more, too. Kitchen Myths Debunked explains the truth behind many kitchen falsehoods. I totally disagree with her on the bananas, as I find that refrigeration ruins them, and I have my own secret to keep guacamole from turning brown: use a tablespoon or so of lemon juice per avocado. Delectable flavor and pleasant appearance.

World History : Hyper History


Portal to 2000 files covering 3000 years of history. Another wonderful resource just laughing as it sucks me in. World History : HyperHistory is a marvelous resource for historophiles like me as well as those who just need a quick bit of info. Use the menu to toggle between People, Events, and Maps. Use the Options button to see bigger pictures (and I do not mean photographs by that).

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