For 36 weeks, a sketchbook traveled randomly between 4 artists. Each artist then had 5 days to create a spread in response to the one that preceded it. There was no other communication among the artists about the Book. By the end of the journey, the book had traveled over 60,000 miles. You can read or listen to the artist’s commentaries as you page through the book

Daily Meme


I still like this site. You can choose categories of memes. If you go to the page today, a Tuesday, it automatically shows you the Tuesday memes. There are memes for every day of the week, monthly, anyday, one time, photo, writing, and even lost memes. I’ll be picking some of the photo ones for Digi-Cass. I’ll probably start using some of the other ones for my other blogs, because I like themes. The Daily Meme is a neat site for any blogger.

Raven’s Rambles


I spent a few minutes this morning, poking around Raven’s Rambles this morning. There is both more and less here than I originally thought. Still worthy of a few minutes diversion, and a lot of interesting information. Just not as extensive in some areas as I had hoped. Fun anyway, and great pictures.



I was and am sick.

Dr. Sears on Mastitis

A breastfeeding mother who thinks she has the flu probably has mastitis. Mothers with mastitis will sometimes experience these flu-like symptoms, even before they get a fever or notice breast tenderness.

Recurrent mastitis may also mean that mother’s immune system is generally run down, because of fatigue and stress. Mastitis is a sign that you need to take a closer look at your lifestyle and breastfeeding relationship and make some adjustments.

It may be interesting to note that my breast is *not* visibly lumpy or red. It has at most, a faint pinkishness over the affected area. This is referred to as hidden mastitis. The problem with that is the woman may not realize that she does indeed have mastitis, as I did not, despite feeling run-down for quite awhile. I pump exclusively for my daughter because she will not nurse, and therefore I chronically have abrasions on the nipples, which is a really great set-up for getting mastitis. Also, since a pump is not as effective as a babe at emptying the breast, I am at more risk of plugged ducts, which is also a set-up for mastitis.

So there ya go. More than you ever wanted to know about boobs. Pretty neat disgusting, huh?

FTR, Dr. Sears is a great place to start research on anything pregnancy/parenting related. The info there is the most balanced I’ve seen anywhere.



This morning, the neat thing happens to be one of my own blogs. It’s a new project that I am finally ready to release for public consumption. Digi-Cass will chronicle my learning and adventures regarding digital photography. Drop by and learn with me, or teach me a few things.



If you are anything at all like me, then life just seems to get busier and busier, and simple pleasures just seems to get shoved further and further back on the list of priorities. Reading is one of those things for me. I used to be an avid reader, but as my responsibilities mounted, it slipped to the side, and it now takes me months to finish a book. Librivox can help with that. Volunteers read books from the public domain, and you can listen while you go about other tasks. I’ve even seen some titles available on iTunes.

It’s like meeting an old friend for coffee. Here’s the main catalog.

Murder Mystery


I think this site would be incredibly cool if I felt like playing today. Being sick as a dog, I do not. So let’s do this. You go play, and let me know in the comments if it was fun or not.
3D Virtual Reality Murder Mystery looks to be ab entertaining way to spend a morning.

World Wonders


I’m spent some time on the World Wonders site today, investigating the goodies there. There are are nine categories of wonders here, and I clicked each and every one of them. Lots of pretty pictures, and some info on most of the wonders. You will find something to amaze you, I promise.



Today’s neat thing is a wordpress plug-in. It’s called Photopress, and this thing is sweet. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours, and it is finally tweaked to my standards over at CassKnits! I did have a bit of trouble at first getting it to put the photos in a location where they could be found easily, but because the thing is infinitely customizable, I was able to look at my directory and file structure and make the needed changes.

If you have a WordPress blog, this plugin is phantastical. If you don’t, you should get one just to use this plugin!

Th Art of William Whitaker


I spent a bit of time this morning, looking at a few of William Whitaker’s demonstrations. I really like the practical way he talks about his work, not only the methodology, but the reasoning behind it. I am, at best, art-challenged, though I appreciate the talent of others. Perhaps I appreciate it more because of my own deficiencies :)

I think my favorite explanation is this one, where he talks not only about the painting, but also the tools he uses, including a picture of them as well as the pictures of the painting at various stages.

We’ll be back to this site again, just as I was ready to click out, I saw this.

My Picasso


I spent some time this morning at Mr. PicassoHead. Here’s my painting. I had fun with it, and it’s simple to use the interface. You can’t save the picture to your computer very easily, though. Instead, you have to email yourself a link, and then take a screenshot and trim it up. Fun anyway.

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