This guest post from my friend Frank Randle

Since my husband is in the Marines, we are often moving all across the world. Currently we are in Okinawa, Japan, where we should be for the next 2 years. We are both from St. Louis, Missouri, where both of our moms, dads, and all of our family still live. I miss them, and so does he. Luckily there are plenty of ways we are able to stay in touch with the Internet.

We have hughesnet Satellite Internet, which helps us so much. My husband and I both have accounts with the popular social-networking Web sites Facebook and Myspace. It is great to post new pictures of us and the kids where everyone can see them. Plus, we can post other updates on our life and what the kids are doing.

We also have telephone service using the Internet. It allows us to call the states for one low price. This is so helpful, because without it, the expense of calling from Japan to the United States would be too much. Now we can both call as often as we like without any worries!