Well, if you aren’t surfing the internet with me, I hope you are spending some time reading good books. Speaking of which, I need recommendations. Got any?

This is just beautiful. I want to take pictures like this when I grow up!

Speaking of pictures, a friend of mine took this one. It became one of my favorites the instant I saw it, though I have never seen the actual objects pictured. It reminds me so much of my grandparents. My Grandmother was a quilter, and my Grand-dad had a tractor a lot like that one. In fact, it is still parked under the barn there at the farm.

Yummmmm! Homemade popsicles, 55 of them!

Fantasy movies to watch while you eat your popsicles. I heartily recommend The Princess Bride.

For my conservative friends and to piss off my liberal acquaintances: The Political Commentator. Yep, it’s a blog. Go read it.